Lisa Corrigan
Director of Studies
417 Kimpel Hall

The gender studies minor introduces students to the ways that various academic disciplines have examined women’s and men’s differing participation in work, the family, political systems, and creative endeavors. Courses explore sex and gender differences and such concepts as masculinity and femininity, essence and performance; distributions of power, work, and resources; and the symbolic representation of gender and identity in literature, religion, and art. The minor is often chosen by students interested in investigating materials previously neglected by scholars and in fresh perspectives on traditional subject matter.

Requirements for a Minor in Gender Studies: The student must complete 15 credit hours of regular courses.

GNST 2003Introduction to Gender Studies3
Choose 12 credit hours from the following or from special topics and seminars found in each semester's schedule of classes under Gender Studies.12
Male and Female: A Cultural and Biological Overview
Gender and Politics in Latin America
Women in Africa
Honors Classical Studies Colloquium
Family Communication
Special Topics
Communication and Gender
Gender, Race and Power
Reel Women
Representational Issues in Film
Topics in Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
Women and Christianity
Honors Colloquium (The History of Sex/Sexuality in America)
Honors Colloquium (Russian and Soviet Women)
Society and Gender in Modern Europe
New Women in the Middle East
The History of Sub-Saharan African Women
Honors Colloquium
Latin American Studies Colloquium
Gender and Politics
Introduction to Human Sexuality
Honors Introduction to Human Sexuality
Gender and Politics
Families and Social Change
Special Studies (Women and Arabic Literature)
Total Hours15