Interdisciplinary Studies

Mission and Objectives

The University of Arkansas provides several options for students to pursue education more broadly than one field of undergraduate study might allow, including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs. These programs allow broader instruction and research opportunities, especially in emerging fields that haven’t reached the academic breadth to constitute a full academic department or in cases in which collaboration between one or more departments allows faculty from each existing department to contribute to the interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary major. In the Catalog of Studies, requirements for each interdisciplinary program are listed in the chapter of the college or school that oversees the program.

One interdisciplinary major — Data Science — and two interdisciplinary minors — Nanotechnology and Planning — are not administered by a single academic department. The minor in Nanotechnology is administered by the Materials Science and Engineering Program. The minor in Planning is jointly administered by the departments of Landscape Architecture and Political Science. The requirements for completing each minor are at their respective links.