Art History in Arts of the Americas (AHAA)

Rachel Debuque
Director of the School of Art
Studio and Design Center

John Blakinger
Program Director of Art History

Jennifer Greenhill
Director of Graduate Studies and Museum Partnerships

School of Art Website

Degree Conferred:
M.A. in Art History in Arts of the Americas (AHAAMA)

The Master of Arts in Art History in Arts of the Americas is a two-year residency program conducted in partnership with the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and specializing in the arts of the Americas. 

Educating students in a multivocal and inclusive art history, the program aims to give students the interdisciplinary training and robust work experiences that they will need to thrive with an M.A. degree in industries that value visual literacy, creativity, communication, collaboration, and research. The program prepares students for top Ph.D. programs in art history, but also facilitates other trajectories for those seeking to contribute to the arts and society with an M.A. degree.

The program offers a solid grounding in art’s complex global histories while providing a specialty in arts of the Americas. This specialized field was chosen for a variety of reasons, including the geographical location, the growing and world-class resources in American art, broadly conceived, and the commitment to leveraging these resources to expand access to the arts, which is seen as essential to building better futures in society as a whole. The curriculum is organized around six key themes that are deemed essential to understanding both the arts of the Americas and the social impacts of creative practice, historically and in the present. These six themes include environment, heritage, power, circulation, structures and systems, and identity and community.