Thomas D. Senor
Director of Religious Studies
318 Old Main

Minor Program Requirements: Students must complete at least 15 credit hours for the minor.  Of those 15 credit hours, only 3 credit hours may be from the introductory courses listed below.  The remaining 12 hours must come from upper-level courses (3000-4000) selected from the 3 areas of emphasis listed below.  Students must take at least one course in each area of emphasis.  A maximum of six credit hours from the student's major may be applied toward the minor.  Students may petition the Director of Religious Studies to count toward the minor special topics courses or Honors colloquia not listed below but containing significant religious studies content.

Introductory Courses:
HUMN 2013Introduction to Buddhism (Fa) ( )3
JWST 2003Introduction to Judaism (Odd years, Fa)3
MEST 2003Introduction to Islam (Irregular)3
MEST 2203Introduction to Christianity in the Middle East (Fa)3
Areas of Emphasis:
ARHS 4843Medieval Art (Irregular)3
HIST 3003History of Christianity (Irregular)3
HIST 3033Islamic Civilization (Irregular)3
HIST 3083Women and Christianity (Irregular)3
HIST 3513History of China to 1644 (Fa)3
HIST 4043Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Even years, Fa)3
HIST 4053Late Middle Ages (Odd years, Sp)3
HIST 4073Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1600 (Even years, Fa)3
HIST 4103Byzantine Empire (Irregular) 3
HIST 4313Islamic Theology and Philosophy, 650-1700 (Irregular)3
HIST 4323Wars of Religion: From the Crusades to 9/11 (Irregular)3
HIST 4333Modern Islamic Thought (Irregular)3
HIST 4353Middle East, 600-1250 (Even years, Fa)3
HIST 4393Early Modern Islamic Empires, 1300-1750 (Odd years, Sp)3
HIST 4493Religion in America to 1860 (Irregular)3
HIST 4553The Recluse in Early East Asia (Even years, Fa)3
Social Sciences
ANTH 3123The Anthropology of Religion (Sp)3
ANTH 3213Indigenous Peoples of North America: Anthropological Perspectives (Irregular)3
ANTH 3263Indians of Arkansas and the South (Odd years, Sp)3
ANTH 3553Religion in Latin America (Irregular)3
ANTH 4093The Archeology of Death (Irregular)3
ANTH 4513African Religions: Gods, Witches, Ancestors (Irregular)3
PLSC 4593Islam and Politics (Fa)3
SOCI 3103Religion and Society (Irregular)3
JWST 4003Modern Jewish Thought (Irregular)3
JWST 4013Contemporary Jewish Thought (Odd years, Sp)3
MEST 3003Islam: Beliefs and Practices (Sp)3
MEST 3203The New Testament in the Holy Land (Sp)3
PHIL 3203Philosophy and the Christian Faith (Irregular)3
PHIL 4013Platonism and Origin of Christian Theology (Irregular)3
PHIL 4023Medieval Philosophy (Irregular)3
PHIL 4303Philosophy of Religion (Irregular)3

Topics Courses/Seminars/Honors Colloquia: Students may also choose “topics/seminar” classes or an Honors colloquium in any Department or Program approved by the director as having a religious studies focus.

Jacob Adler, Associate Professor
Nikolay Atanasov Antov, Associate Professor
Lynda L. Coon, Professor
JoAnn D'Alisera, Associate Professor
Freddy C. Domínguez, Assistant Professor
Kirstin C. Erickson, Associate Professor
Najib Ghadbian, Associate Professor
Jennifer M. Hoyer, Associate Professor
Lynn Frances Jacobs, Distinguished Professor
Mohja Kahf, Associate Professor
Daniel Levine, University Professor
Mary Beth Long, Visiting Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Jane Markham, Professor
Charles E. Muntz, Assistant Professor
George Sabo III, Professor
Thomas D. Senor, Professor
Kim Sexton, Associate Professor
Lora Walsh, Visiting Assistant Professor
Calvin White Jr., Associate Professor
Rembrandt Wolpert, Professor
Steven K. Worden, Associate Professor