Other General Fees

Fee Information

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  • General Fees
  • Program and Service Fees
  • College and Course Specific Fees
  • Teaching Equipment and Laboratory Enhancement Fees
  • Fee Adjustments
  • Students Called Into Military Service
  • Senior Citizen Tuition and Fees Waiver
  • Other General Fees

General Fees*

Title Description Amount**
Facilities Fee Provides support dedicated specifically to campus facilities needs, including major projects and deferred maintenance. $21.85
Media Fee The university’s student publications, specifically the Arkansas Traveler newspaper and the Razorback yearbook, are partially funded by the media fee. Students reserving a copy are provided with a Razorback yearbook. $0.90
Network Infrastructure And Data Systems Fee Provides support for the development and operation of the campus network, including electronic equipment, servers with software, and cabling. The network systems serve computer labs, academic and administrative buildings, residence halls and off-campus access facilities. Data systems will enable Web-based access to the university’s information systems for students, faculty, and staff. Also provides support for upgrades and replacement of the student information system. $11.10
Student Activity Fee Empowers the Associated Student Government (ASG) to make funding available to over 300 Registered Student Organizations and program activities on campus to develop lasting friendships and leadership abilities and provide all students with a unique opportunity to participate in cultural social, educational, and recreational events throughout the year. $2.85
Student Health Fee Covers wellness and health promotion educational programs and healthy student behavior programs to maintain health and safety. Covers individual consultations with a certified wellness coach, consultation with a registered dietician and consultation with an orthopedic specialist from the community. Student Health Fee also covers sexual assault counseling, prevention and advocacy services. The Student Health Fee als covers several mental health services, such as 24-hour mental health emergency care, the cost for two intake assessments with a mental health clinician per semester, most group counseling sessions, case management/referral services, psychiatric nurse consultations, refill requests and outreach/advocacy. $7.69
Transit Fee Helps fund the Razorback Bus Transit System, which services the campus and neighboring community year round. $3.38
Library Fee Provides additional support for library materials acquisition $4.16

Assessed each academic semester for which the student is enrolled: fall, spring, and summer


Per Credit Hour

Program/Service Specific Fees

Some individual services at the university assess fees related to their respective service, such as the cost of administering national tests, late payments or choosing to park on campus.

Program/Service Specific Fees
The Arkansas Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship Award Fee will be assessed for undergraduate non-residents (including transfer students) and international students who enter after the summer of 2013 and who are receiving the Non-Resident Tuition Award. The fee will be 50, 70, 80 or 90 percent of the difference between the in-state and out-of-state tuition per semester as long as students are receiving the award. Non-resident and international students receiving the award prior to the 2011-12 academic year are exempt as are non-resident students who are not receiving the award. To view eligibility requirements, please view the Academic Scholarship Office website at http://scholarships.uark.edu/nrta/index.php
Autism Support Program Fee $5,000.00/semester
English Language Placement Test (ELPT) $25.00
CLEP Registration Fee $35.00
Accuplacer Fee $50.00
EMPOWER Program Fee $5,000/semester
Global Campus Fee $30.00
Global Campus Extension Fee $30.00
  • Premium Online Proctored Exam Fees
  • "Take It Now" Fee
  • "Take It Soon" Fee
  • Online Proctoring Fee for Credit by Exam
Graduation fees:
  • Baccalaureate Degree
  • Certificate
  • Graduation Application Late Fee
Greek Life Assessment $30.00
I.D. Card
  • Authentication Fee (exclusively online students)
  • First card (exclusively online students)
  • First card
  • Each replacement card
IELTS Registration Fee $250.00
Installment Payment Plan $40.00
International Students
  • International student (non-immigrant) application fee
  • International student per semester service fee (non-immigrants)
  • International Visiting Student Program Fee
  • Mandatory Health Insurance
  • Sponsored Student Management Fee
  • Visiting Student Custom Program Fee – Level 1
  • Visiting Student Custom Program Fee – Level 2
Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center
  • Application Fee one-time per child
  • Materials per semester
  • Infants/1-2 years old per month (full-time)
  • 2 to 3 years old, per month (full-time)
  • 3 to 5 years old, per month (full-time)
  • 3 to 5 years old, per month (part-time)
  • Summer Camp Participants, 1st to 4th-Grade Students, per week (full-time)
Late payment:
  • On Sept. 30 or Feb. 28 if balance has not been paid
  • Additional fee at Nov. 30, April 30, and July 31 for fall, spring, and summer, respectively, if payment has not been made
Late Registration Fee – Prior to Census Day $25.00
Late Registration Fee – After Census Day $50.00
Late Test Registration Fee $20.00
New student orientation fees:
  • First Year Experience (New Admits Only)
  • Students (New Admits Only)
  • Parents
Online Student Orientation: Undergraduate Online Students (New Admits Only) $50.00
Online Facilities Fee (exclusively only students per credit hour) $2.00
Parking Permit (per vehicle)
  • Commuter
  • Student
  • Resident Reserved
  • Parking Garage Reserved
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Scooter Reserved
Proctoring Fee $50.00
Professional Liability Insurance (non-refundable) $7.45/course
Professional Liability Insurance-Nurse Practitioners (non-refundable) $23.88/course
Residence Hall nonrefundable application fee $40.00
Residual ACT $90.00
Residual ACT Plus Writing $90.00
  • Study Abroad Service Fee – Tier 1
  • Study Abroad Service Fee – Tier 2
  • Study Abroad Service Fee – Tier 3
Teacher Education Application Fee $100.00/application
Career Exploration and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment Test (UNIV 1401) $10.00/course
  • COEHP – Health Sciences Reasoning Test
  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
  • Spoken Language Placement Test (SLPT)
Transcript Fee - Official Copy $10.00
Undergraduate application for resident admission $40.00
Undergraduate application fee for non-residents $55.00
Withdrawal from the University fee $45.00

College/Course Specific Fees

Some courses require fees that offset additional costs inherent in the course, such as lab fees, travel expenses or internship fees.

College Course Specific Fees
Interior Design Fee IDES 1035, IDES 1045, IDES 2804, IDES 2814, IDES 3805, IDES 3815, IDES 4805, IDES 4815 $15.00/credit hour
Interior Design Travel Fee $100.00/academic plan
International Study Fee (Architecture and Landscape Architecture Academic Plans) $5,254.00*
Certificate in Business French FREN 4333, FREN 4433 $100/semester
Expendable ARTS and GDES Consumables and Equipment Fee All ARTS, GDES, ARHS and ARED Consumables, Equipment and Studio Fee $73.74/credit hour
Expendable MUAC, MUED and MUEN Supplies and Instrument Repair/Maintenance All MUAC, MUED and MUEN courses $5.24/credit hour
Expendable THTR Supplies and Materials (all THTR courses) All THTR courses $20.00/credit hour
Fifth-year Internship Fee (M.A.T.) ARED 476V, MUED 451V, MUED 452V $100.00/semester
Lab coat fee for Biology and Chemistry CHEM 1051L, CHEM 1101L, CHEM 1121L, CHEM 1121M, CHEM 1201L, CHEM 1221L, CHEM 2261L, CHEM 2611L, CHEM 3451L, CHEM 3512L, CHEM 3601L, CHEM 3602M, CHEM 3611L, CHEM 3612M, CHEM 3702L, CHEM 3712L, CHEM 4153L, CHEM 4153M, CHEM 4211L, CHEM 4723, CHEM 4853, BIOL 1541L, BIOL 1541M, BIOL 1584, BIOL 2011L, BIOL 2011M, BIOL 2211L, BIOL 2441L, BIOL 2321L, and BIOL 2531L $28.00/course
One-on-one instruction and collaborative pianists for lessons, studio classes and performances All MUAP courses $50.00/credit hour
Program/Excursion Fee GEOS 437V, GEOS 537V $200.00
Computer Competency ISYS 1120 $58.50/semester
Adult and Lifelong Learning Seminar Fee ADLL 6173 $23.00/credit hour
Athletic Training Clinical Rotation Fee ATTR 5232, ATTR 5242, ATTR 5262, ATTR 5272 $11.25/course
Athletic Training Drug Test Fee ATTR 5313 $54.00/semester
B.S.E. Fourth-year Student Teaching Fee CIED 4173, CATE 406X, CIED 4286, PHED 407V, SPED 4538, SPED 4568 $250.00/semester
CDIS Applied Education Fee CDIS 3233, CDIS 4183 $100.00/course
Clinical Fee – Communication Disorders CDIS 4003, CDIS 5183, CDIS 5283, CDIS 5383 $100/semester
Counseling Practicum Fee CNED 5343, CNED 6711 $23.00/credit hour
Counseling Internship Fee CNED 574V, CNED 674V section 1 $23.00/credit hour
Curriculum Instruction Education Internship Fee CIED 1013, CIED 3013, CIED 3053, CIED 4131, CIED 4363, CIED 4423, CIED 3113, CIED 4113, CIED 3133, CIED 3123, ‎CIED 4173, ‎CIED 528V, CIED 4153, CIED 3033, ‎CIED 3143, CIED ‎‎3103, CATE 406X, CATE 5016, CIED 508V, CIED 3453, CIED 4183, CIED 4533, EDST 3913, EDST 3923, EDST 4933, SPED 4413, SPED 4453, SPED 4538, SPED 4568, SPED 4473, SPED 4483, SEED 3282, CIED 4286 $20.00/credit hour
Equipment and Supplies Fee-Outdoor Adventure Leadership RESM 4023, RESM 5023 $75.00/credit hour
Equipment and Supplies Fee-Teaching and Leading Outdoor Recreation and Experiential Activities PHED 3003 $5.00/course
Equipment and Supplies Fee-Recreation and Natural Resources RESM 1023 $15.00/course
Equipment, Instruction and Certification Fee-Beginning Scuba Diving PEAC 1831 $125.00/credit hour
Fifth-year Internship Fee (M.A.T.) CIED 508V, CIED 528V, CATE 5016, SPED 532V $250.00/semester
First Responder Special Course Fee PBHL 3633 $35.00/credit hour
Internship Fee-Health, Human Performance and Recreation EXSC 4903, PBHL 4043, RESM 440V $5.00/semester
Internship Fee-Student Teaching Supervision PHED 407V $30.00/semester
Internship for Communication Disorders CDIS 5663 $150.00/semester
Internship Program in Education Leadership and support for Leadership seminars EDLE 574V, EDLE 674V $20.00/semester
Internship Supervision Liability and Background Check
  • Exercise Science (non-refundable)
EXSC 4903 $14/course
  • Public Health (non-refundable)
PBHL 4043 $14/course
  • Recreation and Sports Management (non-refundable)
RESM 440V $14/course
Literacy Clinic
  • Methodology Fee
CIED 3113, CIED 3453, CIED 4183, CIED 5013, CIED 5073, EDST 3333, CIED 4533 $15/course
  • Beginning Assessment
CIED 4123, CIED 4133, CIED 5173 $20/course
  • B.S.N. Test Fee – Second semester Sophomore year
  • B.S.N. Test Fee – First and second semester Junior year, First semester senior year
  • L.P.N.-B.S.N. Clinical Fee
NURS 3111, NURS 3782, NURS 4073, NURS 4143, NURS 4212, NURS 4552 $145.00/credit hour
  • L.P.N.-B.S.N. Test Fee – First four semesters
  • Nursing Clinical Fee
NURS 3321L, NURS 3424, NURS 3644, NURS 3752, NURS 4092, NURS 4164, NURS 4252, NURS 4452, NURS 4613, NURS 4722 $145.00/credit hour
Off-Campus Practicum: Clinical Site CDIS 5663 $150.00/semester
Off-Campus Internship: Clinical Site CDIS 5443 $150.00/semester
Course fee, computer aided design (CAD) competency MEEG 2100 $50.00/semester
Data Science course fee $37.40/semester
Distance technology fee Operations Managment $50.00/credit hour

Due initial semester of enrollment and paid in semester installments.

Teaching Equipment and Laboratory Enhancement Fees

These fees provide and maintain state-of-the-art classroom equipment and instructional laboratory equipment. These fees vary, based upon the student’s college of enrollment.

During the regular fall, spring and summer academic semesters, these fees are assessed on a per credit hour basis (see chart below).

College or School Per Credit Hour Fee
Bumpers College Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences $25.70
Fay Jones School of Architecture $32.60
Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences $14.41
Walton College of Business $23.50
College of Education and Health Professions $17.04
College of Engineering $35.87

Other General Fees

Checks tendered to the university are deposited immediately. The university does not accept postdated checks. Checks returned for “insufficient funds” (NSF checks) are generally presented for payment only once. Each check returned by a bank for any reason will be assessed a returned check fee. The university may, at its discretion, verify available bank funds for any checks written for payment of indebtedness before accepting a check.

The University of Arkansas reserves the right to withhold transcripts or priority registration privileges, to refuse registration, and to withhold diplomas for students or former students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to the university. These services may also be denied students or former students who fail to comply with the rules governing the audit of student organization accounts or to return property entrusted to them.

Requests for exceptions to university’s fees, charges, and refund policies must be made in writing. Instructions for submitting requests for exceptions to the various fees, charges, and refund policies of the university may be obtained as follows:

  • For residence life and dining services fees, charges, and refund policies contact University Housing Assistant Director for Business, housing@uark.edu or (479) 575-3951.
  • For parking services fees, charges, and refund policies contact: Parking and Transit, Administrative Services Building, 155 Razorback Road, (479) 575-3507.
  • For other fees, charges, and refunds, contact the Treasurer’s Office, 214 Arkansas Union, Attention: Treasurer, (479) 575-5651.

Students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to have sufficient personal funds available to purchase books and to meet necessary expenses for at least one month at the start of school as some aid funds may not be available for disbursement.

Students are allowed to have automobiles at the university, although parking is quite limited. There is a parking permit and registration fee for each vehicle, varying in cost depending upon the parking option selected.