Military Service

Students Called into Active Military Service

When a student or student’s spouse is activated for full-time military service and is required to cease attending the University of Arkansas without completing and receiving a grade in one or more courses, they shall receive compensation for the resulting monetary loss as provided by Fayetteville Policy 504.2. The student must cease attendance because 1) the student is activated or deployed by the military or 2) the student’s spouse is activated or deployed by the military and the student or student’s spouse has dependent children residing in the household.

To be eligible for the compensation, the student must provide, prior to activation or deployment for military service, an original or official copy of the military activation or deployment orders to the university's Veterans Resource and Information Center. A student whose spouse is a service member shall provide proof of registration with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) of the Department of the Defense that establishes that dependent children reside in the household of the student and the service member.

Upon leaving the University of Arkansas because of active duty or deployment, the student may choose one of three compensatory options. The student may officially withdraw and receive full adjustment and refund of tuition and non-consumable fees for the term involved; the student can remain enrolled and arrange for a mark of “Incomplete” for each class and finish the courses 12 months after deactivation; or the student may receive free tuition and fees for one semester after deactivation. For more detailed information, read Fayetteville Policy 504.2.