Estimated Expenses

Estimated Necessary Expenses for an Academic Year

Estimates of necessary expenses listed below are for the 2024-25 academic year for a typical undergraduate student taking 30 credit hours per academic year at the University of Arkansas.

Name Undergraduate Resident Undergraduate Non-Resident
Tuition* $7,895.00 $27,758.00
University Fees** $2,209.00 $2,209.00
Books $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Personal Expenses $2,938.00 $2,938.00
Transportation $2,238.00 $2,238.00
Room*** $7,968.00 $7,968.00
Board*** $4,400.00 $4,400.00
TOTAL**** $28,300.00 $46,054.00

The standard undergraduate in-state tuition rate is $263.18 per credit hour. Students enrolled in College of Business courses are charged $356.25 per credit hour in-state tuition. Students in the School of Architecture and Design are charged $323.49 per credit hour in-state tuition. Students enrolled in College of Engineering courses are charged $326.34 per credit hour in-state tuition. Nursing students are charged $339.10 per credit hour in-state tuition.


University fees per year include the following student-initiated and student-approved fees:

  • Student Activity fee calculated at $2.99/credit hour — $89.70
  • Student Health fee, calculated at $8.07/credit hour — $242.10
  • Media fee, calculated at $0.90/credit hour — $27.00
  • Transit fee, calculated at $4.62/credit hour — $138.60
  • Network Infrastructure and Data Systems fee at $13.10/credit hour — $393.00
  • Facilities Fee, calculated at $24.85/credit hour — $745.50
  • College of Arts and Sciences Fee at $14.41/credit hour — $432.30
  • Library Fee, calculated at $4.68/credit hour — $140.40

Weighted average expenses for living in a residence hall, double occupancy, with an unlimited meal plan. Actual room and board fees vary.


Budget amounts were adjusted for rounding to accommodate UAConnect budgetary rules.

When paying tuition, room and board, and associated fees, anticipated financial aid for a current semester may be deducted when it is listed as anticipated aid on the student's account. Students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to have sufficient personal funds available to purchase books and to meet necessary expenses for at least one month at the start of school as some aid funds may not be available for disbursement.

The latest information regarding costs and other aspects of university life may be obtained by calling or writing the Office of Admissions, 200 Hunt Hall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701. In Arkansas call 1-800-377-8632; from outside of Arkansas call 479-575-5346.