Ranil Wickramasinghe
Bell Engineering 3151

The mission of the University of Arkansas Membrane Research Center is promotion of educational and training opportunities in membrane science and technology especially for graduate students. Graduate students in the master's and doctoral programs will form the backbone of all research teams at the Membrane Research Center, and graduate students will conduct their thesis research through center projects.

A feature of the center's research projects is that every project will have at least one of the center's industrial sponsors as a project mentor.

The University of Arkansas Membrane Research Center will:

  • Conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of membranes via innovative materials and processes to facilitate the use of membrane technology for current and emerging industrial applications.
  • Help sustain U.S. technological leadership in membrane materials and membraneā€based separation processes and accelerate commercialization by Center sponsors of novel, sustainable and innovative technologies.
  • Provide undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers with a superior educational and research experience that will enable them to become productive and effective professionals in the membrane community.

An underlying emphasis in all of these efforts is the understanding that new membrane technologies will lead to enhanced sustainability in our technological operations.