Cheryl Murphy
Vice Provost for Distance Education
Global Campus


Academic colleges and schools at the University of Arkansas provide flexible learning options through distance education and online learning options for undergraduate and graduate students. Traditional online courses, self-paced online (correspondence) courses, and online degree programs remove the barriers of time and distance. Support units provide the web-based resources and services necessary for distance and online students to reach their educational and professional goals.

Global Campus

The Global Campus serves as a portal for online, distance and professional education programs and courses provided by the University of Arkansas. Experienced staff members collaborate with the university’s academic colleges and other academic units to develop and facilitate quality courses and programs that help students reach educational and professional goals.

State Authorization and Distance Education Beyond Arkansas

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville delivers online education programs and courses throughout the United States and internationally. All programs have been approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Many states have prescribed an “authorization” process for out-of-state institutions delivering online programs to its state residents to ensure quality post-secondary education, to preserve the integrity of an academic degree and to instill greater consumer protection for its student citizens.

Authorization (sometimes referred to as “registration,” “licensure,” “approval,” etc.) indicates that certain minimum standards have been met by the institution under the laws and regulations of that state. Authorization does not constitute an endorsement of any institution, course or degree program. Credits earned at an institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, through the Global Campus, has taken steps to protect its students and operations through nationwide compliance and has been granted authorizations, exemptions and waivers from many states. In other states, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville can operate without such authorization because the state’s laws do not pertain to a public institution, to an accredited institution or to the University of Arkansas activities in that state. More specific information about state authorization can be found at the University of Arkansas Online Web page. The Global Campus supports the university’s development and delivery of online and distance education.