Lynne Hehr, director
346 N. West Avenue, No. 102

Center for Mathematics and Science Education website

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education – a University of Arkansas K-16 education outreach facility within the College of Education and Health Professions – works in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education as part of a network of twelve mathematics and science centers on university and college campuses around Arkansas. The main objectives of the center are to:

  1. Provide science, mathematics and technology professional development for K-16 pre-service and in-service teachers;
  2. Assist in statewide K-16 education initiatives;
  3. Coordinate regionally beneficial grant-funded programs among universities and colleges for K-16 education;
  4. Provide science, mathematics and technology educational materials, resources, and information to the K-16 community; and
  5. Link common K-16 education allies throughout the state.

University Day, Science/Engineering Fairs, Springfest, and various K-16 teacher and student programs are conducted through the center. Day-to-day educational outreach information is sent to local, regional, and statewide constituencies through the center’s website and various email listservs. The Center for Mathematics and Science Education is a host site for the federally sponsored Eisenhower National Clearinghouse and the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory Consortium. The center also serves as the Arkansas National Aeronautics and Space Administration Educator Resource Center, responsible for warehousing and disseminating NASA materials and providing regular updates on NASA programs and materials to the state.

Web pages specifically designed to provide a wealth of material resources and information available for public, private and home-school educators across the state can be accessed at the website.