Joon Jin Song, director

The Center for Statistical Research and Consulting is a service and research unit of the University of Arkansas, administratively housed in Department of Mathematical Sciences, providing faculty and graduate students in the university with an environment for collaboration in research and instruction emphasizing statistical and quantitative approaches. It offers statistical consulting and statistical software support to faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students conducting research at the university. The center will extend this statistical support to the state of Arkansas, directly providing some consulting services but primarily acting as a conduit for industry, government, and non-profit organizations to engage campus faculty and graduate students in consulting opportunities. The community support activities from the center will stimulate and enhance campus research and instructional efforts as well as provide important services to organizations throughout the region.

The mission of the Center for Statistical Research and Consulting is to participate in research to provide high quality statistical input to high quality research projects, train statisticians to interact effectively with investigators from other disciplines, and encourage collaborative research between statisticians and investigators from other disciplines.

The center is a fee-for-service unit. The initial consulting meeting with a client is provided at no cost. All subsequent and follow-up visits will require financial support.