Center for Advanced Surface Engineering

Min Zou
Nanotech Building 212

Research Leadership

  • Mechanical Thrust — Min Zou and Gregory Salamo
  • Cellulosic Thrust — Jin-Woo Kim
  • Cyberinfrastructure Team — Jackson Cothren and Paul Millett

The mission of the Center for Advanced Surface Engineering is to accelerate the discovery, design, development, and technology transfer of the next generation of material surfaces, enabling new applications and innovative products to address national research priorities and industry needs. The vision of the center is to become a leading research and education center for engineering durable, nanostructured multifunctional, tunable, and bioactive surfaces.

These surfaces have the potential to impact a broad range of industries, ranging from manufacturing, aerospace and defense, agriculture, oil and gas, to healthcare. The Center for Advanced Surface brings together a multidisciplinary team of about 40 researchers with expertise in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and computational science from 10 Arkansas universities to conduct the interdisciplinary research.