Arkansas High Performance Computing Center

Rick McMullen, director

Arkansas High Performance Computing Center website

The Arkansas High Performance Computing Center is a campuswide provider of supercomputing resources for teaching and research by students and faculty. For nearly a decade, the university has strongly supported high-performance computing as a tool for enabling scientific discovery and making researchers more productive. With support from the university, the National Science Foundation and the state of Arkansas, the center has fielded two Top500 supercomputers and currently offers 4,985 cores, 13.4TB of memory, about 73 TFLOPS CPU peak performance, 93TB of long-term storage, 374TB of scratch storage, and 96TB of backup storage making it among the largest and most capable academic systems in the world. Staff members of the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center support a broad range of research programs in computational condensed matter physics, computational chemistry, nanotechnology and materials science, bioinformatics, astrophysics, and geospatial image analysis. The center also provides education and training in computational science, parallel programming and high-performance computer operations to provide both tools and skills needed in computationally intensive research.