Institute for Advanced Data Analytics

David Douglas, co-director

Chase Rainwater, co-director

Mark Arnold, co-director

Stored data doubles every two to three years and without extracting actionable value from the data, it serves as only an expense. Data analytics are the key to extracting value from the data. The application of analytics is the key basis for competition driving innovation and productivity growth. In response to the demand for this data ecosystem, a number of units on campus are conducting research related to data analytics and big data. The Institute for Advanced Data Analytics takes statistics and analytics to the next level, serving as the catalyst for big data research, innovation, and practice by partnering with organizations seeking solutions to their data problems. The institute's vision is to initiate and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations among departments, colleges, and industry partners to help solve the emerging  data and analytics research problems and implementation opportunities. Faculty and students at the institute work on these problems and opportunities.