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The Department of Marketing offers two majors leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree: Marketing and Retail. Requirements for the Marketing major are listed here. Find out more about the major at the Retail page.

The major in marketing is designed to prepare students for careers involving product planning, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies in profit or nonprofit organizations. In addition to a broad overview of the marketing functions within organizations, students are provided with knowledge and skills in consumer behavior, marketing research, and strategic marketing.

Students majoring in marketing are actively subjected to problem-solving situations, both domestic and international, where a variety of contemporary tools are employed to stimulate the strategic decision-making process. Supportive disciplines with which the marketer should be familiar include psychology, sociology, accounting, economics, statistics, quantitative analysis, and research methodology.

The marketing major is intended to provide students with broad knowledge and skills in marketing applicable to a wide range of profit and nonprofit organizations.

Requirements for a Major in Marketing

The major in marketing requires 21 hours of major and collateral courses in the discipline as well as satisfying the other requirements for the B.S.B.A. degree. A maximum of 27 hours is allowed in a marketing major or discipline field of study (i.e., core, major, electives) unless the extra courses are part of an interdisciplinary minor or collateral track. See an adviser for selection of courses.

Major Course Requirements21
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Research
Marketing Management
Select four of the following:
Category Management Topics
Integrated Marketing Communications
Selling and Sales Management
Marketing Topics (May take up to six hours from two different topics)
Global Marketing
Retail Strategy
Retail Buying and Merchandise
New Product Development
Nonprofit Marketing
Maximum of 27 hours of MKTG courses in department (core, major, elective). More than 27 hours allowed if the extra courses are part of interdisciplinary minor or collateral track.
Total Hours21

Junior/Senior Business Electives (15 hours)

Marketing B.S.B.A. Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan should the Eight-Semester Degree Policy for university requirements of the program.

Courses in BOLD must be taken in the designated semester. Courses in ITALIC may be taken in varied sequences as long as other designated requirements for these courses are met. Although other courses listed are not required to be completed in the designated sequence, the recommendations below are preferred.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 1.1)3  
MATH 2053 Finite Mathematics (Satisfies General Education Outcome 2.1)13  
COMM 1313 Public Speaking (ACTS Equivalency = SPCH 1003) (Satisfies General Education Outcomes 1.2 and 5.1)3  
WCOB 1111 Freshman Business Connection1  
BLAW 2013 The Legal Environment of Business (ACTS Equivalency = BLAW 2003)23  
ISYS 1123 Business Application Knowledge - Computer Competency3  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 1.1)  3
ACCT 2013 Accounting Principles  3
WCOB 1033 Data Analysis and Interpretation  3
ECON 2023 Principles of Microeconomics (ACTS Equivalency = ECON 2203) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.3)  3
Natural Science State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.4)   4
Year Total: 16 16
Second YearUnits
SEVI 2033 Business Foundations for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
or ACCT 2023 Accounting Principles II
ISYS 2103 Business Information Systems23  
MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2203)33  
Social Sciences State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcomes 3.3 and 4.1, as well as the Social Issues, Multicultural Environment, and Demographic Diversity requirement)43  
Fine Art/Humanities State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.1 or 3.2)5, 63  
SCMT 2103 Integrated Supply Chain Management2  3
MGMT 2103 Managing People and Organizations2  3
ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (ACTS Equivalency = ECON 2103) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.3)3  3
Fine Art/Humanities State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.1 or 3.2)5, 6  3
Natural Science State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.4)   4
ALL pre-business requirements should be met by end of term
Year Total: 15 16
Third YearUnits
MKTG 3433 Introduction to Marketing23  
FINN 2043 Principles of Finance23  
Junior Senior Business Electives6  
MKTG 3633 Marketing Research  3
MKTG Elective  3
SEVI 3013 Strategic Management (Satisfies General Education Outcome 6.1)  3
Junior Senior Business Electives  3
U.S. History or Government State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 4.2)  3
Year Total: 12 15
Fourth YearUnits
MKTG 3553 Consumer Behavior3  
MKTG Electives6  
General Education Electives6  
MKTG 4853 Marketing Management  3
MKTG Elective  3
Junior Senior Business Elective  6
General Education Electives  3
Year Total: 15 15
Total Units in Sequence:  120

Marketing Minor for Business Students

The Department of Marketing offers a minor for Walton College students desiring more knowledge of marketing to assist them in their careers. The minor requires the completion of 15 hours of study with all of the courses applied toward the minor taken in residence. The 15 hours include the following courses:

MKTG 3433Introduction to Marketing3
MKTG 3553Consumer Behavior3
Select three of the following:9
Marketing Research
Category Management Topics
Marketing Topics (may count for a maximum of 3 hours credit)
Integrated Marketing Communications
Selling and Sales Management
Advanced Professional Selling
Retail Strategy
Retail Buying and Merchandise
New Product Development
Nonprofit Marketing
Global Marketing
Total Hours15

Students who desire to earn a Marketing minor must notify the Walton College Undergraduate Programs Office of intent to pursue a minor. All requirements for the minor must be completed prior to the awarding of the student’s undergraduate degree. All specific course pre-requisites must be met. Each student must have a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average in the courses offered for the minor. All upper level minor requirements must be taken in residence.


Burton, Scot, Ph.D. (University of Houston), M.B.A., B.S.B.A. (University of Texas), Distinguished Professor, Tyson Chair in Food and Consumer Products Retailing, 1993, 2012.
Chen, Jialie, Ph.D. (Cornell University), B.A. (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Assistant Professor, 2018.
Cox, Nicole R., M.B.A. (University of Arkansas), B.S. (College of the Ozarks), Instructor, 2003.
Gauri, Dinesh K., Ph.D., M.A. (State University of New York-Buffalo), M.S. (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi), Professor, Walmart Chair in Marketing, 2016.
Jensen, Molly R., Ph.D., M.A. (University of Arkansas), B.S. (Southwest Missouri State University), Clinical Associate Professor, 2003.
Jensen, Sarah D., Ed.D. (University of Arkansas), M.B.A., B.A. (Webster University), Instructor, 2009.
Jensen, Thomas D., Ph.D., M.A., B.A. (University of Arkansas), Professor, Wal-Mart Lecturer in Retailing, 1982, 2009.
Kopp, Steven W., Ph.D. (Michigan State University), M.B.A. (University of Southern Mississippi), B.S. (University of Missouri-Rolla), Associate Professor, 1992, 2000.
Miles, Rebecca S., Ph.D. (Oklahoma Christian University), M.Ed. (Central State University), B.S. (Oklahoma Christian College), Clinical Assistant Professor, 2007, 2015.
Murray, Jeff B., Ph.D. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), M.A., B.A. (University of Northern Colorado), Professor, R.A. and Vivian Young Chair in Marketing, 1989, 2004.
Rapert, Molly, Ph.D. (University of Memphis), M.B.A., B.S.B.A. (University of Arkansas), Associate Professor, 1991, 1998.
Sharma, Ashish, Ph.D. (University of Georgia), M.Fin. (University of Glasgow), M.B.A., B.S.B.A (Indraprastha University), Assistant Professor, 2020.
Smith, Leah, Ph.D. (University of Tennessee), M.B.A. (Wake Forest University), B.A. (Indiana University), Assistant Professor, 2020.
Soysal, Gonca, Ph.D. (Northwestern University), M.S. (Northwestern University), M.E. (University of Florida), B.S. (Middle East Technical University), Assistant Professor, 2017.
Stassen, Robert E., Ph.D., M.B.A. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), B.S. (University of Minnesota), Associate Professor, 1989.
Velliquette, Anne M., Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), M.A.B., B.S. (Southwest Missouri State University), Clinical Assistant Professor, 2014.
Villanova, Daniel, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech University), B.S.B.A. (Appalachian State University), Assistant Professor, 2018.


MKTG 3013. Retail Internship. 3 Hours.

This experience is designed to give students an internship opportunity to combine their formal academic preparation with an exposure to the retail, consumer products and related industries. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433 with a grade of C or better, completion of the pre-business core, junior standing, and department consent. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

MKTG 3433. Introduction to Marketing. 3 Hours.

Examines strategies, tactical, and operational decisions related to contemporary marketing activities. Topics covered include product, services and international strategies in consumer and business markets. Prerequisite: For business majors: WCOB 1033, ACCT 2013 and (ECON 2013 or ECON 2023), all with a grade of C or better; For Non-business majors: (WCOB 1033 or STAT 2303) and ((ECON 2013 and ECON 2023) or ECON 2143). (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

MKTG 3433H. Honors Introduction to Marketing. 3 Hours.

Examines strategies, tactical, and operational decisions related to contemporary marketing activities. Topics covered include product, services and international strategies in consumer and business markets. Prerequisite: Honors standing and ((for business majors: WCOB 1033, ACCT 2013 and (ECON 2013 or ECON 2023), all with a grade of C or better); (for non-business majors: (WCOB 1033 or STAT 2303) and ((ECON 2013 and ECON 2023) or ECON 2143)). (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)
This course is equivalent to MKTG 3433.

MKTG 3553. Consumer Behavior. 3 Hours.

Analyzes consumer motivation, buying behavior, market adjustment, product innovation and adaptation; consumer market measurement, including survey of economic, behavioral science theories of consumer market behavior, producer and intermediary reactions. Consumer decision making is evaluated as to psychological drives, sociological concepts used by producers, channel intermediaries, consumers; considers methods, techniques for measuring consumer behavior, and analyzing consumer markets. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 3633. Marketing Research. 3 Hours.

Research designs, techniques, and analyses of primary and secondary data for the purposes of (1) developing market forecasts and segmentation analyses; (2) strategy implementation determining product development, pricing, distribution, and promotion decisions; and (3) monitoring customer attitudes, motivations and satisfaction. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

MKTG 3653. Category Management Topics. 3 Hours.

This course exposes new majors in Marketing and Supply Chain Management to the current thinking of management and supply chain professionals in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and the tools to determine consumer demand in the CPG industry. Pre- or Corequisite: MKTG 3433. Prerequisite: SCMT 2103. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MKTG 3833. Digital Marketing. 3 Hours.

An exploratory introduction to the tools and tactics used by today's marketers to effectively promote products, brands, and companies in the digital age, with focus on digital content, website design, graphic and video design, digital advertising, social media, search-engine optimization, email marketing, and marketing analytics. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MKTG 4003H. Honors Marketing and Transportation Colloquium. 3 Hours.

Explores events, concepts and/or new developments in the field of Marketing and/or Transportation. Prerequisite: Senior standing. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MKTG 4103. Marketing Topics. 3 Hours.

Special topics in marketing not available in other courses. Topics are selected by the Marketing faculty for each semester each course is offered. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

MKTG 4233. Integrated Marketing Communications. 3 Hours.

The theory, knowledge, and application relevant to the coordination of marketing communications including advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and publicity. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4343. Selling and Sales Management. 3 Hours.

Examines how organizations and individuals communicate value and obtain desired results through the process of personal selling and customer relationship management, along with the role of sales management in the development of people and resource utilization within the firm. Pre- or Corequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4353. Advanced Professional Selling. 3 Hours.

Applies best practices of the selling process with hands-on and practical approaches to developing long-term business-to-business and business to customer relationships, communicating value and earning desired long-term results. The usage of role-play, involvement in sales competitions, sales data analytics and utilizing practitioner mentorships are key elements of this class with the goal of having the student be prepared to enter the sales field upon class completion. Prerequisite: MKTG 4343. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MKTG 4433. Retail Strategy. 3 Hours.

Concentrates on planning to meet the objectives and satisfy the retail marketing concept. Attention is devoted to retail format, competition among retail institutions, determination of store location, merchandise lines, atmospherics, and levels of customer service provided with the sale of consumer products. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4443. Retail Buying and Merchandise. 3 Hours.

Examination of supplier and buyer responsibilities and decisions associated with product assortment depth, budgets, promotions, inventory investment and control, and gross margin management for consumer goods including apparel, food, and durables. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4453. New Product Development. 3 Hours.

The course is structured along the three main dimensions of new product development: designing, manufacturing, and marketing of new products. An analytical approach is taken consistent with current thinking and practice of the industry. Students learn the best approaches from a marketing manager's perspective to effectively manage the NPD process. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall)

MKTG 450V. Independent Study. 1-3 Hour.

The Marketing Independent Study course permits students on an individual basis to explore select topics in Marketing and Retail. Independent study projects will explore topics relevant for marketing and retail that typically are not covered in the existing curriculum. Prerequisite: Junior standing. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MKTG 4513. Nonprofit Marketing. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of marketing in the nonprofit sector, how it functions and how nonprofit marketing differs from traditional for profit marketing through leadership opportunities. Students will work with local nonprofits on various marketing projects throughout the semester. The class will use a service learning model of instruction where students take a leadership role in project development and execution. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4633. Global Marketing. 3 Hours.

Examines differences in global environment; how cultural considerations, political, legal, and economic conditions affect market entry strategies and marketing mix decisions; development of marketing plan for global environments. Prerequisite: MKTG 3433. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)

MKTG 4853. Marketing Management. 3 Hours.

Strategic planning and management of the marketing function within the firm from a managerial viewpoint. Focus on the development and management of marketing strategies and tactics related to product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions. Prerequisite: MKTG 3633 and MKTG 3553. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring)