The Walton College offers an interdisciplinary minor in Blockchain Enterprise Systems for business majors. Blockchains are currently used by many companies for applications ranging from strategic management of data to day operations to customer insights to retail analytics to developing and maintaining a competitive edge.

Minor in Blockchain Enterprise Systems for Business Majors

The minor requires completion of 15 hours of study with all of the upper division courses applied toward the minor in residence. Students who desire to earn a Blockchain Enterprise Systems minor must notify the Walton College Undergraduate Programs Office of intent to pursue a minor. All requirements for a minor must be completed prior to the awarding of the student's undergraduate degree. All specific course prerequisites must be met. Each student must have a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average in the courses offered for the minor. All upper-division minor requirements must be taken in residence.

Requirements for Minor in Blockchain Enterprise Systems:

Required Courses
ISYS 4173Blockchain Fundamentals3
ISYS 4453Introduction to Blockchain Applications3
ISYS 4463Blockchain Enterprise Systems Development3
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
Accounting Technology
Intermediate Accounting I
Audit and Assurance Services
Money and Banking
Experimental Economics
International Trade
Introduction to Econometrics
Financial Markets and Institutions
Corporate Finance
Systems Analysis and Design
Business Analytics and Visualization
ERP Fundamentals
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development
Organizational Change and Development
SOURCE: Procurement and Supply Management
PLAN: Inventory and Forecasting Analytics
International Logistics
Project Management: Supply Chain New Product Planning and Launch
Total Hours15