University Core Requirements

In addition to the requirements listed below, undergraduate students must successfully complete 35 hours of courses in the University Core, also known as the “State Minimum Core.” See more on the University Core page.

Enrollment Requirement

To ensure the opportunity to engage with faculty and peers in their area of study at the University of Arkansas, students must fulfill the U of A Enrollment Requirement:

  1. Earn a minimum of 30 semester hours at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus. This includes UA faculty-led study abroad classes, online/on-campus classes, and courses offered through the Global Campus; and all other courses paid toward Fayetteville campus tuition and fees;
  2. These 30 semester hours are to be upper-division semester hours required for the completion of a degree program;
  3. Additional hours in residence can be required for completing a minor;
  4. Hours earned in another school or college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, may be used to satisfy this requirement — with appeal of appropriate faculty curriculum committee;
  5. Appeals to the standards identified in this policy should be made to the Academic Standards Committee.

Minimum Credits

All students awarded a baccalaureate degree must have a minimum of 120 credit hours. Individual programs may require additional hours. Courses not marked in the course description as eligible to be repeated for degree credit may be included in this total only once.

Minimum Grade-Point Average

No student will be allowed to graduate if the student has earned below a 2.00 GPA in credit earned at this institution. No student will be allowed to graduate if that student’s academic standing is other than good standing.

Freshman Course Requirement

University Perspectives is an innovative required one-hour freshman course designed to enhance student success. A "flipped" class, it will have an online component in addition to in-class interaction. The course will emphasize the transition to the university and university-level work by addressing topics such as critical thinking and civic engagement. Other units intended to enhance overall student success include — but are not limited to — note-taking, time management, and academic integrity. All freshmen must complete UNIV 1001 by the end of the first academic year.

Application for Graduation

Students who plan to graduate must file an official application to do so. Applications should be filed for the term in which degree requirements will be completed. A graduation fee will be required at the time of application.

To ensure that students will be certified for graduation in a timely manner, the following graduation application deadlines have been established:

Date Description
October 1 for students graduating in Fall
March 1 for students graduating in Spring
July 1 for students graduating in Summer

Students must apply by the established deadline for that term. Any student missing the deadline may apply to graduate in a subsequent term.

A student who fails to complete the degree during the intended semester must contact the Office of the Registrar to renew the application for the term in which the degree requirements will be completed.

Other Graduation Requirements

Individual colleges and schools may have special graduation requirements, in addition to degree program requirements. Consult the college or school section in this catalog for statements of additional requirements.

Degree Program Requirements

A student’s degree program requirements are normally those specified in the catalog for the student’s first year of enrollment. However, students may choose to meet the program requirements specified in a catalog for a later year and, under some circumstances, students may be required to meet degree program requirements incorporated into the curriculum at a level beyond that at which the student is enrolled.

Students who transfer from institutions with articulation agreements with the university may also be allowed to meet the university program requirements in effect during their first year of enrollment in those institutions, subject to the time limits described below and the availability of course work. Students who transfer to a different degree program may be required to meet the program requirements specified in the catalog for the year of entry into that program. Students who are not enrolled for a period of two years or longer may be required to reenter under program requirements in the current catalog. Students who wish to be granted a degree on the basis of requirements specified in a catalog more than seven years old may be required to petition the college or school to be allowed to do so.

Students are expected to keep themselves informed regarding program requirements and changes.

Additional Bachelor's Degree

A student seeking two or more undergraduate degrees from the University of Arkansas must meet the graduation requirements for each degree, including all university, college or school, and departmental requirements as stated in the catalog.   When two or more undergraduate degrees are being completed concurrently, or while being continuously enrolled at the University of Arkansas, course work for the first degree may be used to satisfy requirements for the second degree.  Students must apply to graduate individually for each degree.  A student earning two or more bachelor’s degrees in a single academic year will have their name appear only once on Senior Walk.

A student who previously completed a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas, or from any other institution, must complete at least 30 hours of additional, not necessarily subsequent, course work in residence from the University of Arkansas.  More than 30 hours of course work may be required to satisfy all university, college or school, and departmental requirements.