Dean's and Chancellor's List

After the end of each semester, all colleges and schools in the university publish an honor roll of the names of the undergraduate students who achieve a 3.75 to 4.00 grade-point average. Students are eligible for the honor roll if they are carrying at least 12 semester hours normally required for graduation by their college for their respective year. This honor roll is the Dean’s List.

In addition, a Chancellor’s List is published each semester that recognizes those undergraduate students who achieve a 4.00 grade-point average. Students must also be carrying at least 12 semester hours normally required for graduation to be eligible for the chancellor’s list.

First-Ranked Senior Scholars

A first-ranked senior scholar must have a cumulative grade-point average of 4.00 on all course work completed at the time selection is made, must have applied for graduation for a semester to be a member of the appropriate class and must have completed all courses required for the baccalaureate degree at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, or in a program of study approved by the Director of Honors or other designee in the college in which the student is enrolled. In determining the cumulative grade-point average for the purposes of such awards, grade forgiveness is not accepted.

Senior Scholar

Selected graduating seniors who are among those with the highest grade-point average and who have completed at least half of their degree work at the University of Arkansas are recognized by each undergraduate college as a Senior Scholar.

Graduation Honors

For detailed, discipline-specific information, see the honors section for each college or school major. Students must be members of the Honors College to earn the distinction of graduating cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude. The honors program in the college or school of major sets specific requirements for graduating with honors including a minimum of 12 honors credit hours and the completion of an undergraduate thesis. A combination of honors credit hours, thesis quality, and GPA requirements lead to Latin designation of cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude.