District-Level Administration (PSDL)

Ed Bengtson
Head, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
101 Peabody Hall
Email: egbengts@uark.edu

Kevin Brady
Program Coordinator
Email: kpbrady@uark.edu

Graduate Certificate Offered:

District-Level Administration (non-degree) (PSDL)

Prerequisites for Acceptance to the Graduate Certificate Program in District-Level Administration: Applicants must meet university requirements for admission to the Graduate School as non-degree-seeking, but certificate-seeking students, and must have a master’s degree. In addition, to receive the graduate certificate in district-level administration, applicants must have a valid teaching license and a valid building-level administration license.

Requirements for the District-Level Administration Certificate
EDLE 60203School Facilities Planning and Management3
EDLE 60503School-Community Relations3
EDLE 60903School District Governance: The Superintendency3
EDLE 61003School Finance3
EDLE 61703School Business Management3
EDLE 6740VInternship3
Total Hours18

If the certificate candidate is an experienced and practicing administrator at another administrative licensure level, the six required courses may be reduced by one course for a total of 15 hours past prerequisites. All certificate programs of study courses must be completed within five years before submission to the Arkansas Department of Education.