Jia Di
Head, Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Program Director
504 J.B. Hunt Building
Email: jdi@uark.edu

Brajendra Nath Panda
Graduate Coordinator
504 J.B. Hunt Building
Email: bpanda@uark.edu

Program Description: The Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate prepares students to protect valuable data assets and develop cyber-centric multidisciplinary security skills for predicting and avoiding cyber threats.

Program Requirements: Students are required to take 12 hours of coursework to complete the Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate.

Required Course
CSCE 5323Computer Security3
Choose 9 hours from the following courses:9
Computer Forensics
CSCE 5433
Secure Digital System Design
Network Security
CSCE 5663
Wireless Systems Security
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Computer Architecture Security
Total Hours12