Educational Leadership (EDLE)


EDLE 50003. Schools and Society. 3 Hours.

Schools and Society is an introduction to the social, structural, political and historical forces that have created the American school system. (Typically offered: Summer Even Years)

EDLE 50103. School Organization and Administration. 3 Hours.

Analysis of structure and organization of American public education; fundamental principles of school management and administration. (Typically offered: Fall; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50203. The School Principalship. 3 Hours.

Duties and responsibilities of the public school building administrator; examination and analysis of problems, issues, and current trends in the theory and practice of the principalship. (Typically offered: Spring and Summer)

EDLE 50303. Psychology of Learning. 3 Hours.

This course prepares educational leaders to create and sustain a learning centered environment in school settings. Students will study learning theory across the lifespan and apply it to the practice of instructional leadership, curriculum design, and staff development. (Typically offered: Spring; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50403. Leadership Ethics. 3 Hours.

Leadership Ethics is an experiential based course grounded in ethical decision making theory that uses case study and practice to study school based ethical dilemmas. (Typically offered: Fall; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50503. School Law. 3 Hours.

Legal aspects of public and private schooling: federal and state legislative statues and judicial decisions, with emphasis upon Arkansas public education. (Typically offered: Fall; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50603. Instructional Leadership, Planning, and Supervision. 3 Hours.

Instructional Leadership, Planning, and Supervision is designed to prepare practitioners to seize the role of educational leader at the school site level through the development of a vision that will be used to drive a data driven instructional school plan. (Typically offered: Fall; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50703. Research for Leaders. 3 Hours.

This course introduces research methodology that will support school leaders as consumers of educational research and supervisors of action research within their schools. Practical application of research for school leaders is emphasized. (Typically offered: Spring; Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 50803. Analytical Decision-Making. 3 Hours.

Analytical Decision Making is a performance based examination of the principles and practices related to the building administrator's role in the development, administration, and evaluation of curricular programs in public schools. This includes creating a school culture, fostering communication, aligning curriculum with state mandated standards, and staff development. (Typically offered: Spring Even years; Summer)

EDLE 50903. Effective Leadership for School Improvement. 3 Hours.

A performance based examination of strategic planning, group facilitation and decision-making, organizational behavior and development, professional ethics and standards, student services administration, and principles of effective leadership. (Typically offered: Spring and Summer)

EDLE 51003. School Building-Level Finance. 3 Hours.

The course will provide an introduction to the leading theories and practices associated with budgeting and finance at the school-building level. Additionally, the course will concentrate on issues relating to resource allocation at the K-12 level, including an examination of political frameworks and policy issues common to public schools, concepts central to K-12 finance and budgeting, purposes, designs, and uses of school budgets, procedures for generating, analyzing, and interpreting issues related to finance and budgeting specifically at the school-building level. Prerequisite: Admission to M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (EDLE), or Ed.S. in Educational Leadership (EDLE), or graduate certificate in Building-Level Administration (PSBLMC), or graduate certificate in District-Level Administration (PSDLMC). (Typically offered: Summer)

EDLE 5740V. Internship. 1-6 Hour.

Supervised in-school/district experiences individually designed to afford opportunities to apply previously-acquired knowledge and skills in administrative workplace settings. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

EDLE 5990V. Seminar. 1-6 Hour.

Important foundational topics in educational leadership that are current and critical will be taught in this Master's-level seminar. Topics range from the psychology of learning and leading to how schools and society interact in the 21st century. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

EDLE 6000V. Master's Thesis. 1-6 Hour.

Master's Thesis. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for degree credit.

EDLE 60103. Problems of Practice for Educational Leaders. 3 Hours.

Problems of Practice is designed to extend and refine students' thinking, experience, and knowledge about the Education Doctorate (EdD), as well as selecting a Problem of Practice that can contribute to the following program goals: advanced analytical reasoning skills; positive impact on professional practice; and the refinement of the scholar-practitioner. (Typically offered: Summer)

EDLE 60203. School Facilities Planning and Management. 3 Hours.

School facilities planning, management, cost analysis, operations, and maintenance of the school plant. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)

EDLE 60503. School-Community Relations. 3 Hours.

Community analysis, politics and education; power groups and influences; school issues and public responses; local policy development and implementation; effective communication and public relations strategies. (Typically offered: Spring Even Years)

EDLE 6050V. Independent Study. 1-6 Hour.

Independent study. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

EDLE 60903. School District Governance: The Superintendency. 3 Hours.

Analysis of the organizational and governance structures of American public education at national, state, and local levels. (Typically offered: Fall Even Years)

EDLE 61003. School Finance. 3 Hours.

Principles, issues and problems of school funding formulae and fiscal allocations to school districts. (Typically offered: Spring Odd Years)

EDLE 61203. Advanced Fiscal Issues. 3 Hours.

This course is an advanced course at the graduate level in the Graduate Educational Leadership Program. The Scholar Practitioner model at this level will pursue an in-depth study of knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for the successful undertaking of analyzing budgeting and finance issues arising at the school and district-level. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and acceptance into EDLEES program. (Typically offered: Irregular)

EDLE 61703. School Business Management. 3 Hours.

Fiscal and resource management in public schools: budgeting, insurance, purchasing, and accounting. (Typically offered: Summer Odd Years)

EDLE 63303. Advanced Legal Issues in Education. 3 Hours.

The examination and discussion of advanced legal issues affecting public school education. Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall Even Years)

EDLE 64303. Legal Aspects of Special Education. 3 Hours.

A study of litigation and legislation in special education, federal and state laws and court cases, and due process hearings. (Typically offered: Irregular)

EDLE 65003. Topics in Educational Research for School Administration. 3 Hours.

Application of educational research in the school setting by educational administrators. Emphasis placed on the use of state and local school or district data, data analysis, interpretation and reporting, hands-on experience with SPSS, and the formal process of writing a research report. Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)

EDLE 65103. Program Evaluation in Education. 3 Hours.

Program Evaluation in Education is designed to introduce students to concepts and methods of policy and program evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on preparing educational leadership students to conduct a program evaluation specialist project of dissertation. (Typically offered: Summer)

EDLE 65303. Educational Policy. 3 Hours.

Examination of the research and theory related to the evolution of local, state, and federal governance and educational policy. Emphasis given to the consideration of procedures involving policy formulation, implementation, and analysis. (Typically offered: Spring Odd Years)

EDLE 65403. Introduction to Qualitative Research. 3 Hours.

This course offers an introduction to the qualitative approach to research in the Social Sciences. In particular, this course focuses on initial qualitative research designs that support planning, problem solving, and evaluation for educational leaders. Developing a conceptual framework, gaining an initial understanding of the methods of data collection and analysis, and establishing credibility in qualitative research are discussed. This course will be taught online using Blackboard and will require synchronous online class meetings that will require a webcam and microphone. Prerequisite: Admission into EDD in Educational Leadership program or instructor consent. (Typically offered: Fall)

EDLE 65503. Advanced Qualitative Methods in Educational Research. 3 Hours.

This course has been designed to provide graduate students with a more in-depth understanding of qualitative research methods. Emphasis will be placed on preparing educational leadership students to design a qualitative or mixed-method dissertation study. Prerequisite: Admission into EDD in Educational Leadership program or instructor consent. (Typically offered: Spring)

EDLE 65803. Statistical Literacy for Educational Leaders. 3 Hours.

Statistical Literacy for Leaders is designed to extend and refine students' thinking, experiences, and knowledge about planning and executing research in an educational setting. Students will develop a greater understanding of how statistics are used to drive decision-making in educational settings and become more critical consumers of educational research. Prerequisite: Admission into the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. (Typically offered: Spring)

EDLE 6740V. Internship. 1-6 Hour.

Internship. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

EDLE 6800V. Educational Specialist Project. 1-6 Hour.

An original project, research project, or report required of all Ed.S. Degree candidates. Prerequisite: Admission to the Ed.S. program. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

EDLE 6990V. Advanced Seminar. 1-6 Hour.

Seminar. Prerequisite: Advanced graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

EDLE 7000V. Doctoral Dissertation. 1-18 Hour.

Doctoral Dissertation. Prerequisite: Candidacy. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for degree credit.

EDLE 74103. Problem of Practice Dissertation Methods and Implementation. 3 Hours.

This course guides students through all phases of the capstone experience in educational leadership from program design to completion and dissemination of the final product to scholarly and practitioner audiences. Prerequisite: Admission to the EDLE Ed.D. program. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for up to 18 hours of degree credit.