Ketevan "Kate" Mamiseishvili
Department Head
100 Graduate Education Building

The Department of Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders offers two degree programs:

At the graduate level, the department also offers an M.S. with an emphasis in speech-language pathology, M.S. and Ed.D. in higher education, M.S. and Ed.D. in human resource and workforce development, M.S. and Ph.D. in counselor education, and Ph.D. in rehabilitation.

Stephanie G. Adams, Instructor
Larry W. Aslin, Instructor
Jules K. Beck, Clinical Assistant Professor
Bobbie T. Biggs, Professor
Andrew L. Bowers, Assistant Professor
Lisa Marie Bowers, Assistant Professor
Carleton H. Brown, Instructor
Tara Call, Instructor
Matthew J. Carr, Instructor
David Christian, Assistant Professor
Aletha Cook, Clinical Instructor
Jack Devore Jr., Associate Professor
Vicki Dieffenderfer, Clinical Assistant Professor
Roy Carl Farley, Professor
Kimberly Frances Frazier, Associate Professor
G. David Gearhart, Professor
Margie Gilbertson, Instructor
Rachel E. Glade, Clinical Instructor
Kenda Shea Grover, Assistant Professor
Fran W. Hagstrom, Associate Professor
James O. Hammons, Professor
Michael Stephen Hevel, Assistant Professor
Paul T. Hickerson, Instructor
Kristin Kay Higgins, Associate Professor
Karen Lee Hodges, Adjunt Assistant Professor
Marc J. Holley, Instructor
Claretha Hughes, Associate Professor
Kit Kacirek, Associate Professor
Brian Kisida, Instructor
Lynn C. Koch, Professor
Brandon C. LeBeau, Visiting Assistant Professor
Xinya Liang, Assistant Professor
Wen-Juo Lo, Associate Professor
Stephanie Lisanne Lusk, Assistant Professor
Ketevan Mamiseishvili, Associate Professor
Suzanne McCray, Associate Professor
Paul Moore, Lecturer
Sean W. Mulvenon, Professor
Kim Perry, Instructor
Kevin Roessger, Assistant Professor
Carsten M. Schmidtke, Assistant Professor
Leslie Jo Shelton, Clinical Assistant Professor
Charles E. Stegman, Professor
Judy R. Stephen, Instructor
Mary Ann Toner, Associate Professor
Ronna L. Turner, Associate Professor
Barton A. Washer, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Brent Thomas Williams, Associate Professor