Matthew S. Ganio
Department Head
306 HPER Building

Paul Calleja
Assistant Department Head and Graduate Coordinator
306C HPER Building

Health, Human Performance and Recreation website

The department offers programs leading to the B.S. degree with majors in exercise sciencepublic health, or recreation and sport management. and teaching K-12 physical education and health. The department also offers coursework in dance activity.

Bonacci, Jeff, D.A. (Middle Tennessee State University), M.S. (West Virginia University), B.S. (University of Akron), Clinical Associate Professor, 2000.
Calleja, Paul C., Ph.D., M.S. (University of Arkansas), B.S. (San Jose State University), Clinical Professor, 2003.
Davis, Robert, Ph.D., M.S., B.S. (University of Mississippi), Assistant Professor, 2018.
DiBrezzo, Rosalie, Ph.D. (Texas Woman’s University), M.S. (Indiana University), B.S. (Brooklyn College), University Professor, 1983.
Dittmore, Stephen W., Ph.D. (University of Louisville), M.A., B.A. (Drake University), Professor, 2008.
Dobbs, Page, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., (University of Arkansas), Assistant Professor, 2020.
Edmonston, Craig, M.S. (University of Kansas), B.S. (Kansas State University), Instructor, 2016.
Elbin, R. J., Ph.D. (Michigan State University), M.A., B.A. (University of New Orleans), Associate Professor, 2013.
Forbess, Janet B., M.Ed. (University of Florida), B.S.E. (Georgia Southern College), Instructor, 1978.
Gallagher, Kaitlin, Ph.D., B.Sc. (University of Waterloo, Canada), Assistant Professor, 2015.
Ganio, Matthew Stueck, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut), M.S., B.S. (University of Georgia), Professor, 2011.
Gorman, Dean Richard, Ph.D. (University of Kansas), M.S., B.A. (Arizona State University), Professor, 1979.
Gray, Michelle, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), M.S. (Ball State University), B.S. (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga), Associate Professor, 2010.
Greene, Nicholas P., Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), M.S., B.S. (University of South Carolina), Associate Professor, 2013.
Hammig, Bart, Ph.D. (University of Kansas), M.P.H. (University of Kansas Medical Center), B.S. (University of Kansas), Professor, 2008.
Henry, Leah Jean, Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), M.A. (Michigan State University), B.S. (Texas A&M University), Associate Professor, 2008.
Howie, Erin, Ph.D. (University of South Carolina), B.S. (University of Maryland), Assistant Professor, 2016.
Jones, Ches, Ph.D. (University of Alabama at Birmingham), B.S.E. (Pittsburg State University), Professor, 1994.
Jozkowski, Kristen N., Ph.D., M.S. (Indiana University at Bloomington), B.S. (Pennsylvania State University), Associate Professor, 2011.
Kern, Jack C., Ph.D. (Texas Woman's University), M.Ed. (Texas State University-San Marcos), B.S. (University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse), Clinical Professor, 1996.
Langsner, Steve, Ph.D. (Indiana University at Bloomington), M.S. (University of Baltimore), B.S. (Springfield College), Associate Professor, 1989.
Lens, Joshua, J.D. (University of Iowa), B.A. (University of Northern Iowa), Clinical Assistant Professor, 2018.
Lirgg, Cathy D., Ph.D. (Michigan State University), M.S. (Indiana State University), B.A. (Muskingum College), Professor, 1991.
McDermott, Brendon P., Ph.D. (University of Connecticut), M.S. (Indiana University at Bloomington), B.S. (Northeastern University), Associate Professor, 2012.
Moiseichik, Merry Lynn, J.D. (University of Arkansas), R.Ed. (Indiana University at Bloomington), M.S., B.S.E. (State University of New York at Cortland), Professor, 1989.
Ralph, Christy, M.A. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, 2019.
Russell, Alex, Ph.D. (Texas A & M University), M.A. (University of Houston), B.S. (University of Houston), Assistant Professor, 2020.
Schmitt, Abigail, Ph.D. (University of Florida), M.S. (University of Northern Colorado), B.S. (University of North Carolina), Assistant Professor, 2020.
Schmitt, Craig, Ph.D. (University of Northern Colorado), MBA (University of Central Florida), B.S. (University of Florida), Clinical Assistant Professor, 2020.
Smith-Nix, Angela, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), M.Ed., B.S.E. (Arkansas State University), Clinical Assistant Professor, 1989.
Sullivan, Amanda Lynn, Ph.D., M.A.T., B.S.E. (University of Arkansas), Clinical Associate Professor, 2010.
Vandermark, Lesley, Ph.D., M.S. (University of Connecticut), B.S. (California University of Pennsylvania), Clinical Assistant Professor, 2016.
Washington, Tyrone A., Ph.D., B.S. (University of South Carolina at Columbia), Associate Professor, 2011.