Michael Daugherty
Department Head
216 Peabody Hall
Email:  mkd03@uark.edu

Ed Bengtson
Program Coordinator
106 Peabody Hall
Email:  egbengts@uark.edu

Prerequisites for Acceptance to the Graduate Certificate Program in Building-Level Administration: Applicants must meet university requirements for admission to the Graduate School as non-degree-seeking, but certificate-seeking students, and must have a master’s degree. In addition, to receive the graduate certificate in district-level administration, applicants must have a valid teaching license and a valid building-level administration license.

Requirements for the Building-Level Administration Certificate
EDLE 5013School Organization and Administration (Odd years, Su) (Fa)3
EDLE 5023The School Principalship (Sp, Su)3
EDLE 5043Leadership Ethics (Odd years, Su) (Fa)3
EDLE 5053School Law (Odd years, Su) (Fa)3
EDLE 5063Instructional Leadership, Planning, and Supervision (Odd years, Su) (Fa)3
EDLE 5083Analytical Decision-Making (Sp) (Even years, Su)3
EDLE 5093Effective Leadership for School Improvement (Sp, Su)3
EDLE 574VInternship (Sp, Su, Fa)3
Total Hours24