Pro Bono Programs

Law Students will have the opportunity to volunteer their time, and gain valuable experience, by providing pro bono work under the proper supervision of an attorney.  The program is characterized by a referral system, which is designed to match students with law-related pro bono opportunities in the community.

Each year, within the United States, four out of five low-income people in need of legal assistance are denied service. Many eligible clients do not receive help because of a language barrier, disability, or lack of literacy. Many others are turned away because of overwhelming caseloads at legal services offices. In the United States, there is an average of one legal aid attorney for every 6,861 low-income people. With help from attorneys and student attorneys, we can help decrease this number.

Rule 6.1 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct recognizes an attorney’s obligation to provide legal service to the community. Ideally, every attorney should perform a minimum of 50 pro bono public hours annually. This service is not mandatory but is an aspiration. By giving back to the community in which they live and work, law students and lawyers contribute to the advancement of their community, give assistance to the poor, and develop true professionalism in the practice of law.