MUAC 5371. Teaching the High School Percussionist. 1 Hour.

A study of solo literature and small and large ensemble literature appropriate for the high school percussionist. Emphasis on advanced snare drum and marimba lit., timpani and the broad range of percussionist instruments. Includes study of high school band, orchestra and percussion ensemble scores. Graduate degree credit will not be given for both MUAC 4371 and MUAC 5371. Prerequisite: MUED 1371. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MUAC 5421. Advanced Studies in Improvisation. 1 Hour.

Extends the techniques built in the improvisation course sequence (MUAC 3401, MUAC 3411, MUAC 4401, MUAC 4411) with specialized topics in a variety of improvisatory traditions. Sections may include "Free Jazz", "Coltrane and Chromaticism" "Atonal Improvisation", "Baroque Improvisation" and "World Music Improvisation". Prerequisite: Instructor consent. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for up to 2 hours of degree credit.

MUAC 5482. Innovators of Jazz Seminar. 2 Hours.

Explores major 20th century figures in jazz as they relate to Black Music genres and the music of major jazz figures from the perspective of performance, composition, improvisation, and historical/cultural analysis. Significant interaction with major jazz guest artists and pedagogical experiences via interaction with the undergraduate jazz studies program. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

MUAC 6121. Advanced IPA for Singers. 1 Hour.

Training in proper use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), as needed for application in the choral setting. Pronunciation and inflections of commonly used languages in choral music (English, Italian, German and French) will be explored. (Typically offered: Irregular)