AGED 5001. Seminar. 1 Hour.

Presentations and discussion of graduate student research as well as review of current literature and topics of current interest by students and faculty. All graduate students will make at least one formal presentation. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

AGED 5053. Philosophy of Agricultural and Extension Education. 3 Hours.

An examination and analysis of social and economic events leading to the establishment and maintenance of federal, state, county, and local agricultural education programs. Lecture 3 hours per week. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Spring)

AGED 510V. Special Problems. 1-6 Hour.

Individual investigation of a special problem in agricultural education which is not available through regular courses. These will be directed by a member of the graduate faculty. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

AGED 5113. Undergraduate Researchers Improving Student Experiences. 3 Hours.

To engage students in the social sciences in action research that serves to solve a problem or answer a question within the student's academic field through scientific inquiry. All students will work with professionals, commonly outside of the university, within their discipline to conduct their action research in order to solve a problem experienced by that professional. Students may work in teams or individually to complete the overall purpose of the course. Prerequisite: AGED 5463 or HESC 5463 or other instructor approved Research Methods course. (Typically offered: Spring)

AGED 520V. Special Topics in Agricultural and Extension Education. 1-4 Hour.

Topics not covered in other courses or a more intensive study of specific topics in agriculture education. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for degree credit.

AGED 5411. Thesis Proposal Development. 1 Hour.

The purpose of this course is to assist graduate students in the preparation of their thesis or dissertation research proposal. Students will produce the first three chapters of their thesis by the end of the course. Prerequisite: AGED 5463 or HESC 5463. (Typically offered: Spring)

AGED 5421. Grant Writing. 1 Hour.

This course provides students with the experience of navigating the research grant writing process, covering the process from idea conception through planning, proposing, receiving, executing grant-funded projects. Students will write an independent grant proposal as a major assignment in this course. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall)

AGED 5431. Technical Communication in the Social Sciences. 1 Hour.

This course focuses on audience identification, writing, editing, formatting and production of social science-based materials for publication. Much of the course content is in the context of developing the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the master's thesis or other research manuscript. Principles include communicating information relevant to human subject research in agriculture, natural resources, and life sciences to research peers. Course delivery is asynchronous. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Spring)

AGED 5443. Principles of Technological Change. 3 Hours.

This course introduces a structured approach for dealing with the organizational and human aspects of technology transition, including the key concepts of resistance and change management, organizational change, communications, and processes by which professional change agents influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological change. This course may be offered as a web-based course. Graduate degree credit will not be given for both AGED 4443 and AGED 5443. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)

AGED 5463. Research Methodology in the Social Sciences. 3 Hours.

Logical structure and the method of science. Basic elements of research design; observation, measurement, analytic method, interpretation, verification, presentation of results. Applications to research in economic or sociological problems of agriculture and human environmental sciences. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall)
This course is cross-listed with HESC 5463.

AGED 5473. Interpreting Social Data in Agriculture. 3 Hours.

The development of competencies in analyzing, interpreting and reporting the results of analyses of social science data in agriculturally related professions. Students will select appropriate analysis techniques and procedures for various problems, analyze data, and interpret and report the results of statistical analyses in narrative and tabular form. (Typically offered: Fall)

AGED 5493. Survey Design and Scale Development. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to provide the expertise required to design and conduct survey research. Students will understand the instruments (scales/questionnaire) used in data collection processes and acquire the statistical skills necessary to develop and test these survey instruments. This course uses both theory and practice. Hands-on training will be provided via SPSS package for data analyses, and Qualtrics will be used for web-based surveys. Prerequisite: 3 hours of graduate level statistics coursework and HESC 5463 or AGED 5463 or instructor consent. (Typically offered: Summer)
This course is cross-listed with HESC 5053.

AGED 575V. Internship in Agricultural Education. 1-6 Hour.

Scheduled practical field experiences under supervision of a professional practitioner in off-campus secondary school systems. Emphasis includes classroom preparation, teaching, and student evaluation. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)

AGED 5993. Global Horticulture and Human Nutrition to Enhance Community Resilience and Food Security. 3 Hours.

This course covers three broad areas (Global Horticulture, Sustainable International Development, Human Health and Nutrition) and experts on three campuses created the instruction. The course is intended to be multi-disciplinary, and students should use their contextual knowledge to add to weekly discussions. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Spring)
This course is cross-listed with FDSC 5993, HORT 5993.

AGED 600V. Master's Thesis. 1-6 Hour.

Master's Thesis. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for degree credit.