MUTH 4322. Score Reading. 2 Hours.

A conductor's approach to the technique of score reading and analysis of orchestra, band, and choral scores for the purpose of preparing composition for rehearsal and performance.

MUTH 4612. Orchestration. 2 Hours.

A continuation of study of the capabilities of the various orchestral and band instruments and their use in arrangement for ensembles, band, and orchestra. Scoring for orchestra. Prerequisite: MUTH 3613.

MUTH 4703. Writing Music Analysis. 3 Hours.

Analysis of music with an emphasis on analytical writing skills and the use of library source materials. Prerequisite: MUTH 3603.

MUTH 477V. Special Topics in Music Theory. 1-4 Hour.

Subject matter not covered in other courses. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.May be repeated for up to 4 hours of degree credit.

MUTH 5343. Analytical Techniques. 3 Hours.

An intensive study of selected works from music literature. Schenkerian analysis, rhythmic analysis, and set theory analytical techniques will be studied and employed in addition to traditional harmonic and formal analysis. Prerequisite: MUTH 3613 or equivalent and graduate standing.

MUTH 5623. Pedagogy of Theory. 3 Hours.

Detailed study of methods of teaching undergraduates courses in music theory and aural perception. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

MUTH 5631. Music Theory Teaching Practicum. 1 Hour.

Supervised teaching of an undergraduate course in music theory or aural perception, including lesson plan and examination preparation and in-class observation.

MUTH 5643. Analysis of 20th Century Music. 3 Hours.

Study of 20th century music and analytic techniques including pitch class set theory and serial techniques. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

MUTH 5662. Instrumental Arranging. 2 Hours.

A practical course in arranging for the various small ensembles including keyboard. Review of instrumental ranges and capabilities. Study of current trends in instrumental ranges and arranging.

MUTH 5672. Advanced Orchestration. 2 Hours.

A study of advanced principles of orchestral writing through individual projects in scoring and analysis. Prerequisite: MUTH 4612 or equivalent.

MUTH 568V. Composition. 1-4 Hour.

Private lessons of one-half hour, and one hour of composition laboratory session each week. Development of skills in creative musical expression specifically for composition-theory majors - others admitted by consent. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.May be repeated for degree credit.

MUTH 599V. Independent Study in Music Theory. 1-6 Hour.

Provides students with an opportunity to pursue special study of topics in music theory.May be repeated for up to 12 hours of degree credit.

MUTH 600V. Master's Thesis. 1-6 Hour.

Master's Thesis.May be repeated for degree credit.