HIED 5003. Overview-American Higher Education. 3 Hours.

A basic course in the study of higher education open to all students seeking careers in colleges and universities. Serves as an introduction to the programs, problems, issues, and trends in higher education.

HIED 5033. Student Affairs in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Study of origins, functions, and policies in student personnel services in contemporary 2- and 4-year colleges and universities with emphasis on the student and student development.

HIED 5043. Student Development in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Provides those who work or plan to work in post secondary educational institutions with an understanding of the student population in contemporary colleges and universities.

HIED 504V. Practicum in Higher Education. 1-6 Hour.

Students are assigned to a department or agency within or outside the university for professional experience under the joint supervision of on-site personnel and university faculty. Periodic meetings are scheduled for evaluation, discussion, and examination of techniques.

HIED 5053. The Community College. 3 Hours.

An overview of the community college. Topics include the history and philosophy of the community college movement, students, curriculum, state and local campus governance, teaching, student personnel work, finance and issues, problems, and trends.

HIED 5063. Diversity in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Broadly explores how sociocultural contexts influence diversity at colleges and universities. Focuses on the responsibilities of higher education leaders to be multiculturally competent professionals who foster inclusive practices for diverse student populations.

HIED 5073. Management of Higher Education Institutions. 3 Hours.

Principles and concepts of management and their application in college and university settings.

HIED 5083. History and Philosophy of Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An examination of the history and development of higher education including the study of the philosophy, objectives, and functions of various types of institutions.

HIED 5093. Research in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

This course provides master's students an overview of research and literature applicable to the discipline; teaches students how to understand academic literature and use empirical evidence to inform practices and policies at colleges and universities. Prerequisite: MEd students in the Higher Education Program.

HIED 5103. Higher Education in International Contexts. 3 Hours.

Explores various systems of higher education around the world. Equips students with the knowledge and skills to work in the increasingly internationalized field of higher education.

HIED 5303. Non-Profit Fundraising. 3 Hours.

Non-Profit Fundraising examines the theory and practice of the professional field of fundraising and development, which is dedicated to attracting philanthropic support from constituents for colleges, universities, health organizations, hospitals, non-profit organizations, museums and other philanthropic endeavors.

HIED 5643. Reflective Practice in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 3 Hours.

Provides students an opportunity to work in a functional area of higher education, reflect on how their experiences inform their career goals as higher education professionals, and learn job search strategies in higher education. May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

HIED 574V. Internship. 1-3 Hour.

Supervised field experiences in student personnel services, college administration, academic advising, institutional research, development, or other areas of college and university work.

HIED 600V. Master's Thesis. 1-6 Hour.

Master's Thesis. May be repeated for degree credit.

HIED 6013. The Professoriate: Problems and Issues. 3 Hours.

An examination of the vital issues and trends affecting college faculty personnel with emphasis upon institutional practices and policies.

HIED 6023. Introduction to the Study of Higher Education. 3 Hours.

A requirement for all new doctoral and specialist students. Familiarization with writing requirements, library search procedures, library resources, and program requirements. Prerequisite: Admission to Higher Education Ed.D program.

HIED 605V. Independent Study. 1-6 Hour.

Provides students with an opportunity to pursue special study in higher education.

HIED 6083. Management Skills for Effective Leadership. 3 Hours.

Development of management skills that enhance leadership includes understanding yourself, managing yourself, team building, personnel selection, group and individual decision-making, problem solving, managing conflict, developing valid performance appraisal systems, conducting performance appraisal interview, and other topics of current interest. Prerequisite: Doctoral students in Higher Education or permission of the instructor.

HIED 6093. Leading Change. 3 Hours.

An in-depth examination of leadership, change, and culture in postsecondary education.

HIED 6183. Organization Development and Change in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An examination of the theory and practice of organization development as it relates to planned change in colleges and universities.

HIED 6303. Advancement in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Advancement in Higher Education examines the theory and practice of the professional field and function referred to as "institutional advancement", which is dedicated to attracting philanthropic support as well as building attitudinal and behavioral support among key constituents for colleges and universities.

HIED 6323. Design and Evaluation of College Teaching. 3 Hours.

Theory and practice of effective college teaching. Emphasis is placed on preparation and evaluation of instruction.

HIED 6333. Curriculum Design in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Types of undergraduate curricula and their supporting philosophies; approaches to curricula planning and assessment; curricular reforms; and factors influencing curricular policy making.

HIED 6343. Strategies for Effective College Teaching. 3 Hours.

An examination of traditional and innovative instructional strategies for use in college teaching.

HIED 6353. The College and University Presidency. 3 Hours.

The course explores the basic elements of the presidency of an academic institution and examines the critical issues facing the college and university presidents/chancellors.

HIED 6423. Trends, Issues and Problems in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

A study of the current problems and trends related to the field of higher education.

HIED 6483. Strategic Enrollment Management. 3 Hours.

An examination of admissions marketing strategies, communications plans, branding, and forecasting as well as how other areas (financial aid, honors, scholarships, and student affairs) contribute to successful recruitment efforts. Other key enrollment management areas of focus for the class include academic records, registration, degree audits, FERPA, student support, and most importantly, retention. Major state and federal legislation that underscores any of these activities will be discussed as well.

HIED 6533. Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

The course examines the fundamentals of assessment of learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness and introduces assessment as a tool to inform strategic planning and data-driven decision-making in higher education.

HIED 6643. College Students in the United States. 3 Hours.

Students will engage with the leading theoretical and empirical scholarship related to college students and use this information to engage in class discussion, complete course assignments, consider implications for practice, and contemplate opportunities for new scholarship. Prerequisite: Doctoral student in the Higher Education Program or instructor consent.

HIED 6653. Legal Aspects of Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An examination of the legal status of higher education in the United States; the rights and responsibilities of educators and students including fair employment; due process; torts liability and contracts; student rights landmark court decisions; federal and state legislation having an impact on education.

HIED 6663. Finance and Fiscal Management. 3 Hours.

Higher education finance and budgeting practices: problems, issues, trends, and policy issues in higher education.

HIED 6683. Governance and Policy Making in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

An analysis of governance and policy making affecting the control of colleges and universities. Attention is given to policy generation, governing board supervision, and the impact of institutional, professional, and regional groups as well as community, state, and federal pressures.

HIED 6693. Research Techniques in Higher Education. 3 Hours.

Techniques of research applicable to Higher Education.

HIED 674V. Internship. 1-6 Hour.

Supervised field experiences in student personnel services, college administration, college teaching, institutional research, development, or other areas of college and university work.

HIED 699V. Seminar. 1-6 Hour.

A series of seminar for specialized study into areas of current significance in postsecondary education, such as leadership and planning; organization, development, and change; human resource development and appraisal; the student in higher education; etc. May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

HIED 700V. Doctoral Dissertation. 1-18 Hour.

Doctoral Dissertation. Prerequisite: Candidacy. May be repeated for degree credit.