Any former student who wishes to return to the University of Arkansas after missing a fall or spring semester should complete an application for admission. A  non-refundable application fee is required for former students.

When to Apply

An early readmission will enable a student to register during priority registration. The student should submit an application and all appropriate credentials at least one month prior to the time of registration. Registration dates and procedures are found on the Schedule of Classes.

Deadlines for Admission Consideration

Applications and required transcripts must be received in the Office of Admissions by the following deadlines to be accepted for the respective enrollment periods:

  • Fall – August 1
  • Spring – December 20

Students who are unable to submit their applications by the deadline may be denied admission and considered for admission for the following term.


  1. Students must be academically eligible to return to the university and are readmitted with the same academic status as held during their last attendance. Course work taken at another institution will not affect a student’s probationary status or university GPA. Students may change degree programs on re-admission to the University of Arkansas regardless of academic status, except for students entering the College of Engineering. A student who is not in good standing may not enter the College of Engineering. Students who have not satisfied their initial provisions of admission (but are still eligible to return) will be required to satisfy those conditions upon their return.
  2. Students who have attended another institution while away from the University of Arkansas will be considered returning transfer students and must have either a 2.00 GPA on all college work attempted and/or a 2.00 GPA on all course work attempted since last attending the University of Arkansas. Official transcripts of all course work attempted since last attendance at the university must be submitted. (See Admission of Transfer Students.)
  3. Students who previously attended or currently attend the university as special, non-degree seeking students and wish to return as degree-seeking candidates must apply for admission as freshmen or transfer students, furnishing all appropriate admission credentials, including any required test scores. All requirements for admission to regular status must be met. (See appropriate section of this catalog for requirements.)
  4. Former students who are submitting petitions to either the Academic Standards Committee or the Admission and Appellate Board to request readmission must have on file all required documents by the application deadlines. (See the Academic Standards Committee Calendar for deadlines for "Petitions to Be Submitted.")