All freshman enrolling in the College of Engineering may participate in an Eight-Semester Degree Completion Program.

All students who want to pursue an engineering degree or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science should follow the plan below for the first two semesters, at the end of which they may finish an eight-semester plan in Computer Science (B.S.) or choose from among any of the engineering fields: Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil EngineeringComputer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

First YearUnits
GNEG 1111 Introduction to Engineering I1  
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013)3  
MATH 2554 Calculus I (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2405)4  
CHEM 1103 University Chemistry I (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1414 Lecture)3  
PHYS 2054 University Physics I (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2034)4  
GNEG 1121 Introduction to Engineering II  1
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023)  3
MATH 2564 Calculus II (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2505)  4
Freshman Science Elective (See specific major for requirements)  4
Humanities/Social Science Elective (See specific major for requirements)  3
Year Total: 15 15
Total Units in Sequence:  30