Career and Technical Education B.S.E. with Technology Education Concentration Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan in Technology Education should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy in the Academic Regulations chapter for university requirements of the program.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013) (Satiesfies General Education Outcome 1.1)3  
U.S. History or Government State Minimum Core13  
Fine Arts or Humanities State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.1 or 3.2)13  
TEED 1203 CAD Technology I3  
CIED 1013 Introduction to Education3  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 1.1)  3
ASTM 3173 Electricity in Agriculture  3
TEED 2103 Technology and Society  3
MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2203) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 2.1)  3
Elective   4
Year Total: 15 16
Second YearUnits
CATE 3103 Introduction to Professionalism (Satisfies General Education Outcomes 4.1, 4.2, and 5.1)3  
Choose one of the following (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.4):4  
PHYS 2013 College Physics I (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2014 Lecture)
& PHYS 2011L College Physics I Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2014 Lab)
or PHYS 2054 University Physics I (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2034)
PSYC 2003 General Psychology (ACTS Equivalency = PSYC 1103) (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.3)3  
Science with Lab State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.4)1  4
Fine Arts or Humanities State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcomes 3.1 or 3.2)1  3
Social Sciences State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.3)1  3
STEM 4033 Introduction to STEM Education  3
Elective  3
Year Total: 16 16
Third YearUnits
CIED 3023 Survey of Exceptionalities
or CIED 4023 Teaching in Inclusive Secondary Settings
CIED 3033 Classroom Learning Theory3  
Social Sciences State Minimum Core (Satisfies General Education Outcome 3.3)1  3
ASTM 3042   2
ASTM 3102 Small Power Units/Turf Equipment
& ASTM 3101L Small Power Units/Turf Equipment Laboratory
Elective  7
Year Total: 16 15
Fourth YearUnits
CATE 4013 Teaching Strategies (Satisfies General Education Outcome 1.2)3  
CATE 4023 Classroom Management3  
CATE 4033 Assessment / Program Evaluation3  
TEED 4103 Engineering Design for Technology Education Capstone3  
CATE 4052 Seminar Teaching Internship  2
CATE 406X Teaching Internship (Satisfies General Education Outcomes 1.2 and 6.1)  12
Year Total: 12 14
Total Units in Sequence:  120

Students must complete the  State Minimum Core requirements as outlined in the Catalog of Studies. The courses that meet the state minimum core also fulfill many of the university's General Education requirements, although there are additional considerations to satisfy the general education learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to consult with their academic adviser when making course selections.