Cross-Sector Alliances (CSAL)

Josh Mitchell
Program Coordinator
Old Main 434

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Graduate Certificate Offered:

Cross-Sector Alliances (non-degree) (CSAL)

Program Description: A Graduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Alliances is offered collaboratively by the Master of Public Administration program in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and the Master of Business Administration program in the Walton College of Business. The program prepares students for a workplace in which they will be interacting with organizations from other sectors in joint projects or initiatives. Accordingly, students must understand the financial, accountability and general management challenges of the different sectors. In addition, the program also prepares students for work in different sectors and builds skills not addressed in stand-alone programs. In general, students will gain a fundamental knowledge of within-sector management issues, how those issues relate to cross-sector management and governance, and will be able to apply this understanding in practical scenarios.

Admission Requirements:  Admission to the Graduate School.

Requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Alliances

The graduate certification Cross-Sector Alliances requires satisfactory completion of 15 hours of coursework:

Students must register with the Graduate School separately from their chosen degrees.

PLSC 51333
Choose one:3
PLSC 5193
(for M.B.A. students)
MGMT 5223
(for M.P.A. students)
SEVI 53133
BUSI 58433
Choose one of the following:3
PADM 5823
PADM 5813
PLSC 5173
MGMT 4103