MUIN 5102. Production Internship. 2 Hours.

Explores the acoustical, musical, visual, technical, and business aspects of live performance. Practical experiences in evaluating and comparing several different live and studio recording techniques. (Typically offered: Irregular)

MUIN 5553. Live Music Business. 3 Hours.

The applied component of the live music business corresponding to the student-run record label services project in the department of music. Incorporates live music project cycles, digital marketing of live music, booking venues, routing tours, creating showcase events for student-run record label artists. (Typically offered: Fall)

MUIN 5563. Artist Development. 3 Hours.

The applied component of the artist development side of the music department's student-run label services project. Students will work on project cycles involving selecting artists, recording and producing music, organizing music releases and media campaigns, creating online promotional strategies, and mapping the development of musical artists' careers. (Typically offered: Spring)