GNST 5133. The Power of Women: Representations of & from Italian Women from Middle Ages to Early Modern Period. 3 Hours.

Examines the various representations of women through diverse genres, by both male and female authors, from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern period in Italy. Taught in English. (Typically offered: Spring)
This course is cross-listed with ITAL 5133, MRST 5133.

GNST 5333. Gender, Sexuality, and Archival Research. 3 Hours.

Studies in intersectional feminist, queer, and trans perspectives on archival research. Focuses on employing methodologies in a range of archival contexts, emphasizing the politics of archiving and the implicit gendered, racialized, and class-based biases that permeate archival inquiry. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)

GNST 5443. Queer Theor(ies). 3 Hours.

Introduction to the complex history and evolution of Queer Theory into Queer Theor(ies) from Foucault to the Present. (Typically offered: Irregular)
This course is cross-listed with WLIT 5443.

GNST 5653. Feminist Texts and Theories. 3 Hours.

Explores concepts and ideologies that articulate and define principles of feminism. Attention given to critical and creative works that challenge the centrality of gender in feminist analyses through intersections of race, class, nationality, and sexuality. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)
This course is cross-listed with COMM 5653.