Education (EDHP)


EDHP 50001. DEAN'S SEMINAR. 1 Hour.

The Dean's Seminar is a seminar course that leverages the expertise of our faculty to provide students from multiple disciplines an opportunity to study topics at the intersection of education and health. Each offering will focus on a different complex societal challenge and help students develop high-leverage interventions to address the issue through the lens of education and health. Topics vary by semester. (Typically offered: Irregular) May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

EDHP 59001. Introduction and Exposure to Interprofessional Practice. 1 Hour.

An introduction to interprofessional practice (IPP) for preprofessionals interested in careers in a school and/or clinic-based setting. The course will introduce the core competencies for IPP and prepare learners to work collaboratively across disciplines. The course takes place both on and off campus in a school or clinic-based setting. Reliable transportation to an off-campus site is required. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. (Typically offered: Irregular)