PLSC 3253-901 Urban Politics: OFF, UGRD, Fulbright Col of Arts & Sci

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1199 – Fall 2019
PLSC 3253
Regular Academic Session - 1 (8/26/19 to 12/12/19)
Off Campus (Student Home)
Online--100% asynchronous
No Special Consent Required
  • PLSC 3253 - 902

Section Attributes

Course Method Codes: Lecture
Course Method Codes: Telecommunications
Course Technology Type: Electronic group discussion/computer mediated Comm
Course Type: Organized Course
Reporting Considerations: Continuing Education Off Campus

Course Attributes

Course Method Codes: Lecture
Course Type: Organized Course


James Flanigan, (010594785, GRAD) – Primary Instructor – Post


Pattern Type Room Dates
Does Not Meet Lecture No Room/No Meeting Pattern Using Session Dates

Enrollment 25 current



  1. 0152 - This section is for students in on-campus degree programs. A separate section for students in online programs also exists. This section will reopen for enrollment on a space-available basis no later than the Saturday before the class begins. This course will be taught online using Blackboard. Deadlines posted on the Academic Semester Calendar apply to this course. Go to the Office of the Registrar's website to view the Academic Semester Calendar. Pay special attention to deadlines for dropping classes and associated tuition and fee adjustments. Students pursuing an on-campus (face-to-face) undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas have the following credit-hour restrictions for online and self-paced courses: Only 35 percent of the total credit hours required to complete the degree can be obtained through online and self-paced courses; A freshman (fewer than 30 credit hours earned) may take no more than two online and self-paced courses (8 credit hours); No student can enroll in more than 12 online and self-paced hours in any given semester; For students that have transferred academic credits from other institutions, the percentage of total credit hours obtained at the University of Arkansas through regular (semester/summer) online and self-paced online (correspondence) courses for degree credit cannot exceed 35 percent of the total remaining hours needed to complete the degree after transfer credits are accounted for; Other restrictions may apply due to federal financial aid policies.

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