HDFS 5873-901 Seminar in Long Term Care-: OFF, GRAD, Bumpers Col Agri,Food,Life Sc

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1199 – Fall 2019
HDFS 5873
Regular Academic Session - 1 (8/26/19 to 12/12/19)
Off Campus (Student Home)
Online--100% asynchronous
Stop Further Enrollment
No Special Consent Required
AFLS Plus/Minus

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Course Method Codes: Seminar
Course Technology Type: 100% Online Course Content
Course Type: Organized Course
Reporting Considerations: Continuing Education Off Campus
Course Method Codes: Telecommunications

Course Attributes

Course Method Codes: Seminar
Course Type: Organized Course


Timothy Killian, (005488184, GRAD) – Primary Instructor – Post

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Does Not Meet Seminar No Room/No Meeting Pattern Using Session Dates

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  1. 0212 - This class will be offered online through Great Plains IDEA and may be taught by faculty at another institution. Enrolling in UAConnect does not guarantee a place in the course due to consortium-wide enrollment caps maintained by Great Plains IDEA. The class may be closed for enrollment early due to deadlines set by the teaching institution. Tuition for this class may be higher than regular UA tuition. Tuition discounts and waivers may not apply to this class. The Waiver for Students Sixty Years of Age or Older cannot be used for this class. Deadlines to drop and associated fee adjustments posted on the U of A Academic Semester Calendar apply to this course. Go to gpidea.org for more information.

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