TEED 1103. The Nature of Technology. 3 Hours.

Foundational study of the close relationship between nature, emerging technologies, and technological literacy throughout history.

TEED 1203. CAD Technology I. 3 Hours.

Use and care of instruments; lettering, sketching, applied geometry, pictorial drawing, and orthographic projection. Introduction to computer-aided drafting.

TEED 1603. Industrial Safety. 3 Hours.

Study of accidents, causes, the cost of accidents, appraising safety performance, safety inspection, planning and maintaining a safe environment, and organization and operation of school laboratories and industrial accident prevention programs.

TEED 2103. Technology and Society. 3 Hours.

An examination of the complex relationships between society, values, and technological development in developed and under-developed nations.

TEED 3103. Frameworks for Resolving Technological Challenges. 3 Hours.

Foundational concepts of engineering and design, including analysis and use of technology problem solving tools of research, experimentation and trouble-shooting.

TEED 3203. The Technology of Communicating. 3 Hours.

Conceptual foundations and methodologies for teaching information and communications technology.

TEED 3303. The Technologies of Energy and Movement. 3 Hours.

Conceptual foundations and methodologies for teaching energy, power, and transportation technologies at the secondary level. Prerequisite: TEED 1103 or TEED 2103.

TEED 4103. Engineering Design for Technology Education Capstone. 3 Hours.

Analysis of engineering design, focus on design processes, physical and computer modeling, and materials processing. Prerequisite: TEED 1103 and TEED 3103.

TEED 459V. Industrial Internship. 1-12 Hour.

In an actual industrial setting, the student will study managerial functions, organizational practices, product design, production fabrication, routing, quality control, work schedules, industrial relations, and related activities of American industrial society. May be repeated for up to 15 hours of degree credit.