MBAD 5241. Ethical Decision Making. 1 Hour.

Business Ethics will address business ethics issues from a personal, professional, and organizational perspective. We will cover basic ethical decision-making frameworks to help inform students' personal moral frameworks, ethical issues that are most relevant to managers of modern organizations, and the role of business in society

MBAD 535V. MBA Internship. 1-3 Hour.

This course allows a student to experience an internship within a business and benefit from the applied experience. The internship may be designed to offer a wide range of business experiences. The internship must be supervised by a faculty member as well as a member of the firm. MBA Director approval required. May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

MBAD 536V. Study Abroad-Special Problems. 1-3 Hour.

Provides MBA students with the opportunity to explore a business problem in depth under the guidance of a graduate faculty member. MBA Director approval required. May be repeated for degree credit.

MBAD 5433. Capstone Project. 3 Hours.

A large-scale project integrating various business topics. Prerequisite: MGMT 5313.

MBAD 5511. Professional Development -- Special Topics In Business. 1 Hour.

A concentrated emphasis on one business topic. Corequisite: MBAD 5212, MBAD 5122 and MBAD 5232. May be repeated for up to 5 hours of degree credit.

MBAD 5613. Financial Accounting. 3 Hours.

This course covers the preparation and use of financial statements of publicly held corporations in the United States. Topics include the theory and rules used in financial statement preparation, a comparison of United States rules to International Accounting Standards, the analysis of financial statements to provide inter-company and industry comparisons and information about the financial statements of non-profit and governmental organizations.

MBAD 5773. China Business Law, Regulations, and Ethics. 3 Hours.

Business law in China that is relevant to managers; Chinese regulations particularly relevant to consumer products and retail; business ethics in China.

MBAD 591V. Capstone Project Definition. 1-3 Hour.

Identification of business processes for capstone project, including: estimation of the size of the opportunity, identification of key decisions, and proposal write up.

MBAD 592V. Capstone Project Plan. 1-3 Hour.

Second estimation of the size of the project benefit, identification of how the current process operates, assumptions identified, literature investigated, performance metrics, and Gantt chart for project.

MBAD 593V. Capstone Project Management. 1-3 Hour.

Management of the project, including frequent updates, milestone accomplishment, strategies to overcome challenges, and creation of an implementation plan.

MBAD 594V. Capstone Project Final Deliverables. 1-3 Hour.

Write up of entire capstone project, presentation of project, estimates of value, implementation plan, performance metrics, and change management plan.