FREN 1003. Elementary French I (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 1013). 3 Hours.

Elementary French I.

FREN 1013. Elementary French II (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 1023). 3 Hours.

Elementary courses stress correct pronunciation, aural comprehension, and simple speaking ability, and lead to active mastery of basic grammar and limited reading ability.

FREN 2003. Intermediate French I (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2013). 3 Hours.

Intermediate courses lead to greater facility in spoken language and to more advanced reading skills.

FREN 2013. Intermediate French II (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2023). 3 Hours.

Continued development of basic speaking comprehension and writing skills and intensive development of reading skills.

FREN 2013H. Honors Intermediate French II. 3 Hours.

Honors intermediate French II.
This course is equivalent to FREN 2013.

FREN 3003. Advanced French. 3 Hours.

Further intensive practice for the purpose of strengthening written and oral expression. Includes a review of the essentials of French grammar. Prerequisite: FREN 2013 or equivalent.

FREN 3033. French Conversation. 3 Hours.

Three hours per week of guided conversation practice for the post-intermediate student. Prerequisite: FREN 2013.

FREN 3063. Ph.D. Reading Requirement I. 3 Hours.

Ph.D. reading requirement I.

FREN 3103. Cultural Readings. 3 Hours.

A course designed to build vocabulary and to strengthen reading skills and oral expression through extensive practice with culturally authentic materials. Prerequisite: FREN 2013.

FREN 3113. Introduction to Literature. 3 Hours.

Further development of reading skills and introduction to literacy commentary and analysis. Prerequisite: FREN 3003 or FREN 3103.

FREN 3123. French Phonetics. 3 Hours.

Improves students' pronunciation of French while they acquire the basic rules of standardized spoken French. The course takes into account the major contrastive features of the sounds of French and English and addresses the particular challenges the native speaker of American English faces when learning to pronounce French. Prerequisite: FREN 3003.

FREN 399VH. Honors French Course. 1-6 Hour.

Honors French. Prerequisite: Junior standing. May be repeated for up to 12 hours of degree credit.

FREN 4003. French Grammar and Composition. 3 Hours.

French grammar and composition. Prerequisite: FREN 3003 or FREN 3103.

FREN 4033. French for Oral Proficiency. 3 Hours.

Three hours per week of conversation practice for the advanced undergraduate. Prerequisite: FREN 3003 or FREN 3103.

FREN 4113. Special Themes in French. 3 Hours.

Topics not normally covered in period courses. Sample topics: "The Comic Tradition in French Literature," "French Cinema." Topics announced one semester in advance. Prerequisite: FREN 3113. May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

FREN 4213. French Civilization. 3 Hours.

French civilization. Prerequisite: FREN 3113.

FREN 4223. Survey of French Literature I. 3 Hours.

A survey of French literature, its forms and themes from the medieval period through the 18th century. Prerequisite: FREN 3113.

FREN 4233. Survey of French Literature II. 3 Hours.

A survey of French literature, its forms and themes in the 19th and 20th centuries. Prerequisite: FREN 3113.

FREN 4243. Studies in Francophone Literature. 3 Hours.

Introduction to seminal writers from Francophone cultures, mainly Quebec, the Maghreb and West Africa. Exploration of the following topics: national identity, morality, religion, and exile. Study of socio-political and cultural problems, while discovering recent trends in the globalization of Francophone literature. Prerequisite: FREN 3113.

FREN 4333. Introduction to Business French. 3 Hours.

Introduction and orientation to the French world of business and commerce through the study of vocabulary, forms, and formulas and expression used in commercial correspondence. Prerequisite: FREN 3113 or FREN 3103.

FREN 4433. Business Culture and Practices. 3 Hours.

A practical application of French to the business world focusing on the cultural challenges faced by Americans doing business in France and francophone countries. Case studies and translations of authentic documents from French to English and English to French reinforce the specialized vocabulary of the business world. Prerequisite: FREN 3103 or FREN 3113.

FREN 4663. French Short Story. 3 Hours.

Introduces the genre of the French Short Story, focusing on close readings of the stories and providing an overview of the most important literary movements of the periods from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Prerequisite: FREN 3113.

FREN 475V. Special Investigations. 1-6 Hour.

Special investigations. May be repeated for degree credit.

FREN 5003. French Grammar and Phonetics. 3 Hours.

Systematic review of principles of French grammar and syntax; comprehensive presentation of French phonetics.

FREN 5033. Advanced French Conversation. 3 Hours.

This course will provide a small discussion environment in which graduate students will improve their command of spoken French in an interactive setting. Discussion will concentrate on current cultural issues in the French speaking world.

FREN 5213. French Culture & Civilization. 3 Hours.

An analysis of French cultural symbols and attitudes as observed in their historical, economical, political, social, educational, and linguistic aspects.

FREN 5333. Old French Literature. 3 Hours.

An intensive study of French Medieval Literature from the Chansons de Geste to Villon, including an in-depth analysis of the genres and their evolution, and of the major authors of the times.

FREN 5353. Survey of French Poetry. 3 Hours.

A comprehensive study of French poetry from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, focusing on close readings of individual poems. This course will cover literary movements and trends of the periods and presents the terminology required to do explication de texte.

FREN 5433. French 16th-Century Literature. 3 Hours.

A survey of representative writers of the sixteenth century.

FREN 5543. French 17th-Century Literature. 3 Hours.

A survey of representative writers of the seventeenth century.

FREN 5663. French Short Story. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the French short story, focusing on close readings of a variety of contes and nouvelles from the Middle Ages through the twenty-first century.

FREN 5673. French 18th-Century Literature. 3 Hours.

French 18th-Century literature.

FREN 5703. Special Topics. 3 Hours.

May be offered in a subject not specifically covered by the courses otherwise listed. May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

FREN 575V. Special Investigations. 1-6 Hour.

Special investigations. May be repeated for degree credit.

FREN 5773. Survey of Francophone Literature. 3 Hours.

A survey of representative texts in the field of sub-Saharan and North African literature concentrating on postcolonial novels using contemporary critical approaches.

FREN 5783. The French Nineteenth-Century Novel. 3 Hours.

The French Nineteenth-Century novel.

FREN 5813. French 20th-Century Theatre. 3 Hours.

French 20th-Century theatre.

FREN 5833. French 20th-Century Novel. 3 Hours.

French 20th-Century novel.