AECT 610V. Special Problems. 1-6 Hour.

Individual investigation of a special problem in agricultural education which is not available through regular courses. These will be directed by a member of the graduate faculty. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

AECT 620V. Special Topics in Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology. 1-4 Hour.

Topics not covered in other courses or a more intensive study of specific topics in agriculture education. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Irregular)

AECT 6903. Emerging Scholarship in the Discipline. 3 Hours.

This course surveys recent scholarship in the discipline of agricultural education, communications and technology, with a special focus on recent literature highlighting research, teaching, and service across the discourse communities of ag education, ag communications, ag systems technology management, and ag leadership. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall Odd Years)

AECT 700V. PhD Dissertation. 1-18 Hour.

PhD dissertation. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and approval of dissertation chair. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for degree credit.