Rick Wise
Program Director
103 Nanoscale Material Science and Engineering Building

Russell DePriest
Assistant Program Director for microEP minor
239 Physics
E-mail: microEP@uark.edu

Microelectronics-Photonics (microEP) is an interdisciplinary program based in the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Graduate School that prepares students for careers involving micro/nano materials, processing, and devices applied in areas such as photonics, microelectronics, bio/chemical analysis, etc. The microEP Graduate Program offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, as well as an undergraduate minor in Microelectronics-Photonics.

The purpose of this minor is to allow undergraduates in science and engineering to be able to capitalize on the research and educational core of the microEP Graduate Program as they prepare to enter the job market or compete for positions in top level graduate programs.

Requirements for a minor in Microelectronics-Photonics:

Select one of the following:3
Quality Engineering and Management (Irregular)
Systems Engineering and Management (Fa)
Project Management (Irregular)
Select four of the following:12
Biosensors & Bioinstrumentation (Odd years, Sp)
Instrumental Analysis (Sp)
Semiconductor Devices (Irregular)
Design and Fabrication of Solar Cells (Irregular)
Materials Laboratory (Irregular)
MicroEP Undergraduate Research (Sp, Fa)
Introduction to Modern Physics (Fa)
Solid State Physics (Even years, Sp)
Physics of Devices (Odd years, Fa)
Or from other appropriate courses not on this list if approved first by the microEP Program and by the course instructor. 1
Total Hours15

See examples at the microEP Web site.

Students accepted into the microEP minor must attend an orientation session at the beginning of each semester as well as the monthly microEP graduate student research presentations. Students enrolled in the microEP minor must attend at least one public presentation of a Master of Science thesis in microEP or a Doctor of Philosophy dissertation in microEP each semester. Students wishing to declare this minor must apply through the microEP Program Web site, http://microEP.uark.edu, and be accepted into the minor at least two regular semesters before their graduation date.


MEPH 488V. MicroEP Undergraduate Research (Sp, Fa). 1-3 Hour.

Special research topics associated with undergraduates enrolled in the Microelectronics-Photonics minor program, or by special permission of the microEP Director to undergraduate students engaged in research with microEP faculty members. May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

Simon S. Ang, Professor
Juan Carlos Balda, University Professor, Twenty-First Century Leadership Chair in Engineering
Salvador Barraza-Lopez, Associate Professor
Robert R. Beitle Jr., Professor
Laurent Bellaiche, Distinguished Professor
Mourad Benamara, Assistant Professor
Jingyi Chen, Associate Professor
Zhong Chen, Assistant Professor
Hugh O.H. Churchill, Assistant Professor
Robert Coridan, Assistant Professor
Jia Di, Professor, 21st Century Research Leadership Chair
Magda O. El-Shenawee, Professor
Ingrid Fritsch, Professor
Huaxiang Fu, Professor
William G. Harter, Professor
Joseph B. Herzog, Assistant Professor
Jamie A. Hestekin, Professor, Jim L. Turpin Professorship in Chemical Engineering
Colin David Heyes, Associate Professor
Po-Hao Adam Huang, Associate Professor
David Huitink, Assistant Professor
Morten O. Jensen, Associate Professor
Jin-Woo Kim, Professor
Pradeep Kumar, Assistant Professor
Jiali Li, Professor
Yanbin Li, Distinguished Professor, Tyson Endowed Chair in Biosensing Engineering
Ajay P. Malshe, Distinguished Professor, Twenty-First Century Chair of Materials, Manufacturing and Integrated Systems
Omar Manasreh, Professor
Alan Mantooth, Distinguished Professor, Twenty-First Century Chair in Mixed-Signal IC Design and CAD
Roy A. McCann, Professor
Paul Millett, Assistant Professor
Mahmoud Moradi, Assistant Professor
Timothy J. Muldoon, Assistant Professor
Arun Nair, Assistant Professor
Hameed A. Naseem, University Professor
William Oliver III, Associate Professor
Edward A. Pohl, Professor, Twenty-First Century Professorship in Engineering
Errol Porter, Research Associate
Donald K. Roper, Associate Professor, Charles W. Oxford Professorship in Emerging Technologies
Gregory J. Salamo, Distinguished Professor
R. Panneer Selvam, University Professor, James T. Womble Professor of Computational Mechanics and Nanotechnology Modeling
Shannon Servoss, Associate Professor
Woodrow L. Shew, Associate Professor
Surendra P. Singh, University Professor
Julie A. Stenken, Professor, 21st Century Chair of Proteomics
Ryan Tian, Associate Professor
Steve Tung, Professor
Ken Vickers, Adjunct Research Professor, Retired from PHYS, MEPH in 2015
Yong Wang, Assistant Professor
Morgan Ware, Assistant Professor
Uchechukwu C. Wejinya, Associate Professor
Jie Xiao, Associate Professor, Arkansas Research Alliance Scholar
Min Xiao, Distinguished Professor
Fisher Yu, Associate Professor
Wenchao Zhou, Assistant Professor
Min Zou, Professor, Twenty-First Century Professorship