Advanced-Standing Programs

Credit by Examination

There are two ways a student enrolled at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, may establish undergraduate credit by examination in courses offered by the university: either through the University of Arkansas Credit by Examination Program (see the next section), or through approved national testing programs, such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Advanced Placement Program (AP), or the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).

Credit established by examination must be evaluated in terms of the specific program the student wishes to pursue. The decision regarding the appropriate application of such credit to a degree program will be made in each college or school. Credit established by examination will be applied to a degree program in the same manner as credit established in any other way. If credit is earned by examination, the mark of CR will be entered in the student’s record. Grades are not assigned.

In certain instances, however, instead of actually receiving credit in semester hours, a student may receive advanced standing and be authorized to enroll for advanced courses in the subject matter area.

Credit by examination may not be used to satisfy minimum residency requirements as established by each college or school. Credit by examination is recorded only for students currently enrolled at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

University of Arkansas Program

The following conditions apply to the departmental programs for credit by examination:

  1. The student must apply for such examination using forms available in the academic dean or department office. Permission to take the examination must be obtained from the faculty of the department offering the course. The faculty of each department is responsible for designating the courses in that department that may be challenged by examination.
  2. The appropriate department or college offering the course will designate and administer the examination.
  3. A passing grade on the examination must be “B” or above. A second trial for credit by examination in that course will not be permitted.
  4. A $25 credit by examination fee will be assessed per course.

National Testing Programs

When credit by a national examination is granted, the student’s academic record will list the score used as a basis for credit as well as the type of examination used to establish credit, such as CLEP subject examination or general examination, AP examination or IB examination.

Credit is awarded on the basis of official score reports, which must be sent by the national testing service directly to the Office of the Registrar, 141 Uptown East, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701.  Minimum score requirements as established by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, must be met to receive credit.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The University of Arkansas is a CLEP testing center and is authorized to administer CLEP examinations both on a national basis and on an institutional basis. However, CLEP examinations may be taken at scheduled times at any national test center, and the results sent to the University of Arkansas. The test center code number and score recipient code number for the University of Arkansas is 6866. For information or to make application, write to the Office of Testing Services, 1435 W. Walton Street , 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701, or telephone 479-575-3948.

Approval has been granted by the appropriate governing body, upon recommendation of the academic department, to award credit in the following courses by the use of CLEP examinations. Minimum scores for the paper-based version and the new computer-based version were established by the departments of the subject areas concerned.

Please note that minimum scores for credit for computer-based CLEP exams may differ from paper-based CLEP examinations.

CLEP Examination UA Course Paper-based text (pre July 2001) Computer-based test (Effective July 2001) Maximum Credit Allowed
General Examinations
College MathematicsMATH 0003520523
College CompositionENGL 1013490553
College CompositionENGL 1013 & ENGL 1023540606
Approved Subject Examinations
American GovernmentPLSC 200347503
BiologyBIOL 1543/BIOL 1541L49504
CalculusMATH 255455654
College AlgebraMATH 120350543
ChemistryCHEM 1103/ CHEM 1101L & CHEM 1123/CHEM 1121L50558
History of United States IHIST 200350503
History of United States IIHIST 201350503
Human Growth & DevelopmentHESC 1403633
Introduction to Educational PsychologyPSYC 4033553
Introductory PsychologyPSYC 200347553
Introductory SociologySOCI 201359593
Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 201348543
Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 202348543
Principles of MarketingMKTG 343348503
Western Civilization IHIST 111350603
Western Civilization IIHIST 112350603

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Entrance Examination Board gives students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school and, with an appropriate score on an AP exam, to receive advanced placement and/or credit upon entering the University. The AP examinations are offered annually by high schools that participate in this program. The appropriate UA governing body, upon recommendation of the academic department, has authorized credit and/or placement for students who present qualifying scores in the AP courses listed below.

Symbols for placement and credit:

  • P = placement;
  • Pq = qualified placement (student may be placed in an advanced course, with credit awarded for prerequisite courses upon satisfactory completion, subject to departmental review.);
  • C = credit;
  • Cq = qualified credit (placement and credit subject to departmental review);
  • E = Exempt.
AP Examination UA Course Minimum Score
Art HistoryARHS 10033C
Art HistoryARHS 1003H or ARHS 29134C
Art HistoryARHS 1003H or ARHS 2913 & ARHS 29235C
BiologyBIOL 1543H/BIOL 1541M3P
BiologyBIOL 1543/BIOL 1541L4C
BiologyBIOL 1543H/BIOL 1541M5C
Calculus ABMATH 25543C, 4C
Calculus ABMATH 2554H5C
Calculus BCMATH 2554 & MATH 25643C, 4C
Calculus BCMATH 2554H & MATH 2564H5C
AB SubscoreMATH 25544C
ChemistryCHEM 1103/CHEM 1101L & CHEM 1123/CHEM 1121L4C
ChemistryCHEM 1103/CHEM 1101L & CHEM 1123H/CHEM 1121M5C
Computer Science ACSCE 20043 or 4 Cq*, 5C
Language and CompositionENGL 10133E
Language and CompositionENGL 10134C
Language and CompositionENGL 1013H5C
Literature and CompositionENGL 10233E
Literature and CompostionENGL 10234C
Literature and CompositionENGL 1023H5C
Environmental SciencesENSC 10033C
European HistoryHIST 11234C
French LanguageFREN 1013 & FREN 20033C
French LanguageFREN 1013, FREN 2003 & FREN 20134C
French LanguageFREN 1013, FREN 2003, FREN 2013, & FREN 30035C
French LiteratureFREN 31035C
German LanguageGERM 1013 & GERM 20033C
German LanguageGERM 1013, GERM 2003 & GERM 20134C
German LanguageGERM 1013, GERM 2003, GERM 2013, & GERM 30035C
Government and Politics: ComparativePLSC 20133C
Government and Politics: U.S.PLSC 20033C, 4C
Government and Politics: U.S.PLSC 2003H5C
Human GeographyGEOS 11234C
Latin: VirgilLATN 10132 Pq, 3C**
Latin: VirgilLATN 20034C**
Latin: VirgilLATN 20135C**
Latin: LiteratureLATN 10132 Pq, 3C**
Latin: LiteratureLATN 20034C**
Latin: LiteratureLATN 20135C**
MacroeconomicsECON 20134C, 5C
MicroeconomicsECON 20234C, 5C
Music TheoryMUTH 1603 & MUTH 16212P, 3Cq, 4C
Music TheoryMUTH 10032Cq, 3C
Music TheoryMUTH 1631 & MUTH 26034Cq, 5C
Physics 1: Algebra-BasedPHYS 2013/PHYS 2011L3C
Physics 1: Algebra-Based with Cal AB or BC score of 3PHYS 20543 Cq**, 4C
Physics 1: Algebra-Based with Cal AB or BC score of 3PHYS 2054H5C
Physics 2: Algebra-BasedPHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L3C
Physics BPHYS 2013/PHYS 2011L & PHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L3C
Physics B with Calculus AB or BC score of 3PHYS 2054 & PHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L3 Cq**, 4C**
Physics B with Calculus AB or BC score of 3PHYS 2054H & PHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L5C**
Physics C MechanicsPHYS 20543 Cq (*, **), 4C
Physics C MechanicsPHYS 2054H5C
Physics C, E & MPHYS 20743 Cq*, 4C
Physics C, E & MPHYS 2074H5C
PsychologyPSYC 20033C
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1013 & SPAN 20033C
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1013, SPAN 2003 & SPAN 20134C
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1013, SPAN 2003, SPAN 2013, & SPAN 30035C
Spanish LiteratureSPAN 31035C
StatisticsSTAT 23033C***
StatisticsSTAT 20234C
Studio Art: DrawingARTS 10135C
Studio Art: 2D DesignARTS 13135C
Studio Art: 3D DesignARTS 13235C
U.S. HistoryHIST 2003 or HIST 20134C
U.S. HistoryHIST 2003 & HIST 20135C
World HistoryHIST 1113 or HIST 11234C
World HistoryHIST 1113 & HIST 11235C

Students must pass a departmental test to receive credit


To receive credit for courses preceding the course for which AP credit has been granted, students must enroll in and complete with a grade of “C”or higher, that course which follows in sequence the course for which AP credit was granted.


At most, 3 hours credit allowed for AP Statistics.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year high school curriculum offered in the United States and in 72 countries around the world. The IB program provides students with a balanced education, facilitates geographic and cultural mobility, and promotes international understanding through a shared academic experience. The IB program gives students the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while in upper secondary school and to receive credit for final examinations upon entering the University.

The IB examinations are offered annually, usually in May, by high schools participating in this program. Students seeking credit for examinations must request that a final, official IB transcript of certificate or diploma results be sent by mail to the Office of the Registrar, 146 Silas H. Hunt Hall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR 72701. These materials may be requested from International Baccalaureate North America, 200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2007, New York, NY 10016, telephone: 212-696-4464.

Approval has been granted by appropriate academic departments to award credit in the following courses. The minimum scores were established by the departments of the subject areas concerned.

International Course UA Course Score (Higher Level)
AnthropologyANTH 10234-7 HL
BiologyBIOL 1543/BIOL 1541L4,5 HL
BiologyBIOL 1543H/BIOL 1541M6,7 HL
ChemistryCHEM 1103/CHEM 1101L & CHEM 1123/CHEM 1121L5-7 HL
Computer ScienceCSCE 2014 (Pending Departmental Examination)4-7 HL
EconomicsECON 2013 & ECON 20235-7HL
EnglishENGL 10135-7 HL
EnglishENGL 10236,7 HL
GeographyGEOS 11235-7 HL
History (U.S.)HIST 2003 or HIST 20134 HL
History (U.S.)HIST 2003 & HIST 20135-7 HL
History (World)HIST 1113 & HIST 11234,5 HL
History (World)HIST 1113H & HIST 1123H6,7 HL
MathematicsUp to 8 hours possible (To be determined by the Math Department)5-7 HL
PhilosophyPHIL 20034,5 HL
PhilosophyPHIL 2003H6,7 HL
PhysicsPHYS 2013/PHYS 2011L & PHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L4,5 HL
PhysicsPHYS 2054 & PHYS 2033/PHYS 2031L6,7 HL
PsychologyPSYC 20034-7 HL