ARCH 1015. Fundamental Design Skills (Su, Fa). 5 Hours.

Fundamental design skills; development of visual and verbal communication skills including observation skills, design technologies, analysis and representation in both 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions through analog and digital tools; creative and critical thinking skills.

Architecture (ARCH)

The department of architecture offers students the opportunity to prepare for architectural practice or related endeavors. With this opportunity comes a responsibility for demonstrating a commitment to personal growth and success in the professional program.

Architectural Studies (ARCH)

The architectural studies program provides opportunities for students who wish to prepare for graduate study in an accredited architecture program or in an allied discipline, such as architectural history, historic preservation, urban planning, or construction management.

Architectural Studies B.S.

...or better in ARCH 1015 Architectural Design I; "C" or better in ARCH 1212 Design...