Physics B.S. with Professional Concentration

Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy in the Academic Regulations chapter for university requirements of the program as well as Fulbright College requirements.

Core requirement hours may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Once all core requirements are met, students may substitute a three-hour (or more) general elective in place of a core area. Well prepared students may skip BIOL 1543/BIOL 1541L, and go immediately into the biology core courses. Students should consult their advisers.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013) (Sp, Su, Fa)3  
MATH 2554 Calculus I (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2405) (Sp, Su, Fa)14  
PHYS 2054 University Physics I (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2034) (Sp, Su, Fa)14  
University/State Core U.S. History requirement 3  
General Elective1  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023) (Sp, Su, Fa)  3
MATH 2564 Calculus II (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2505) (Sp, Su, Fa)2  4
PHYS 2074 University Physics II (ACTS Equivalency = PHYS 2044 Lecture) (Sp, Su, Fa)1  4
University/State Core Social Science requirement  3
General Elective  1
Year Total: 15 15
Second YearUnits
PHYS 2094 University Physics III (Fa)14  
MATH 2574 Calculus III (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2603) (Sp, Su, Fa)14  
CHEM 1103 University Chemistry I (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1414 Lecture) (Su, Fa) (Or Core from areas a, b, c or e; as needed)3  
University/State Core Social Science requirement 3  
General Elective2  
PHYS 3613 Modern Physics (Sp, Su, Fa)1,2  3
PHYS 3213 Electronics in Experimental Physics (Odd years, Sp)1,2  3
MATH 2584 Elementary Differential Equations (Sp, Su, Fa)1,2  4
CHEM 1123 University Chemistry II (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1424 Lecture) (Sp, Su, Fa)
& CHEM 1121L University Chemistry II Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1424 Lab) (Sp, Su, Fa)
Year Total: 16 14
Third YearUnits
PHYS 3113 Analytical Mechanics (Fa)1,23  
MATH 4423 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (Sp, Su, Fa)1,23  
Advanced Level Elective13  
University/State Core Fine Arts or Humanities requirement 3  
University/State Core Social Science requirement3  
PHYS 3414 Electromagnetic Theory (Sp)1,2  4
PHYS 4333 Thermal Physics (Sp)1,2  3
University/State Core Humanities or Fine Arts requirement   3
General Electives   6
Year Total: 15 16
Fourth YearUnits
PHYS 4073 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Fa)23  
PHYS/ASTR Group A23  
PHYS 462VL Modern Physics Laboratory (Sp)1  
General Elective (as needed for a minimum of 14 hours)9  
PHYS/ASTR Group A 1,2  3
PHYS/ASTR Group A (as needed) or General Electives  3
PHYS 4991 Physics Senior Seminar (Sp, Su, Fa)1,2  1
General Electives (as needed to total 120 hours)  6
Year Total: 16 13
Total Units in Sequence:  120

Meets 40-hour advanced credit hour requirement. See College Academic Regulations.


Meets 24-hour rule (24 hours of 3000-4000 level courses in Fulbright College), in addition to meeting the 40-hour rule. See College Academic Regulations.


Any PHYS or ASTR courses numbered 3000 or above.