Journalism B.A. with Broadcast Concentration

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy in the Academic Regulations chapter for university requirements of the program as well as Fulbright College requirements.

State minimum core requirements may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Once all core requirements are met, students may substitute with general electives. Students should consult with their academic advisor.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013)3  
MATH 1313 Quantitative Reasoning (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1113)
or MATH 1203 College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103)
or any MATH course numbered higher than MATH 1203
JOUR 1023 Media and Society3  
PLSC 2003 American National Government (ACTS Equivalency = PLSC 2003)3  
Social Science university/state minimum core3  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023)  3
MATH 2033 Mathematical Thought (if still needed)
or MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2203)
or MATH 2053 Finite Mathematics
or MATH 2183 Mathematical Reasoning in a Quantitative World
or MATH 2554 Calculus I (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2405)
or STAT 2303 Principles of Statistics (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2103)
JOUR 1033 Media Writing  3
Science university/state minimum core with corequisite lab  4
Fine Arts university/state minimum core  3
Year Total: 15 16
Second YearUnits
Journalism Digital Requirement: any three-credit hour JOUR course with a digital component, as approved by the School of Journalism and Strategic Media.3  
Social Science state/university core requirement3  
WLIT 1113 World Literature: Beginnings to 1650 CE (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2113)
or WLIT 1123 World Literature: 1650CE to Present (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2123)
World language at the Elementary I level (1000-level)3  
Non-JOUR General Electives3  
JOUR 2032 Broadcast News Reporting I
& JOUR 2031L Broadcast News Reporting I Laboratory
COMM 1313 Public Speaking (ACTS Equivalency = SPCH 1003)  3
PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1103)
or PHIL 2103 Introduction to Ethics (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1003)
or PHIL 3103 Ethics and the Professions
World language at the Elementary II level (1000-level)  3
Non-JOUR General Electives  3
Year Total: 15 15
Third YearUnits
JOUR 3072 Broadcast News Reporting II
& JOUR 3071L Broadcast News Reporting II Laboratory
JOUR 3633 Media Law3  
ECON 2143 Basic Economics: Theory and Practice3  
World language at the Intermediate I level (2000-level)3  
Non-JOUR General Electives3  
JOUR 4863 Television News Reporting I  3
JOUR 4893 Television News Producing  3
JOUR 4333 Ethics in Journalism  3
Any PLSC course  3
Science university/state minimum core with corequisite lab  4
Year Total: 15 16
Fourth YearUnits
JOUR 4873 Television News Reporting II3  
JOUR elective 3000-level or higher3  
Cultural/diversity requirement or HIST elective 3000-level or higher3  
40-hour rule electives or non-JOUR general electives3  
Non-JOUR General Electives3  
JOUR elective 3000-level or higher  3
JOUR 4981 Journalism Writing Requirement  1
Cultural/diversity requirement or HIST elective 3000-level or higher  3
If a HIST course was already completed that satisfies both requirements, then select non-JOUR general electives.
Non-JOUR General Electives  6
Year Total: 15 13
Total Units in Sequence:  120