International Studies B.A.

Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy in the Academic Regulations chapter for university requirements of the program. Core requirement hours may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Once all core requirements are met, students may substitute a three-hour (or more) general elective in place of a core area.

First YearUnits
UNIV 1001 University Perspectives (Sp, Su, Fa)1  
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013) (Sp, Su, Fa)3  
MATH 1203 College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103) (Sp, Su, Fa)3  
PLSC 2003 American National Government (ACTS Equivalency = PLSC 2003) (Sp, Su, Fa)3  
1013 Elementary II world language course (depending on placement in sequence)3  
World Culture Requirement--13  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023) (Sp, Su, Fa)  3
INST 2013 Introduction to International Studies (Sp)  3
World Culture Requirement--2  3
2003 Intermediate I world language course (depending on placement in sequence)  3
MATH 2033 Mathematical Thought (Sp, Su, Fa)
or MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2203) (Sp, Su, Fa)
or MATH 2053 Finite Mathematics (Sp, Su, Fa)
or MATH 2183 Mathematical Reasoning in a Quantitative World (Sp, Fa)
or STAT 2303 Principles of Statistics (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2103) (Sp, Su, Fa)
Year Total: 16 15
Second YearUnits
General Elective3  
2013 Intermediate II World Language Course 3  
University/State Social Science Core (if PLSC 2813 taken for World Culture Requirement), else General Elective3  
University/State Core Science Lecutre with Corequisite Lab Requirement4  
University/State Core Fine Arts 3  
ECON 2143 Basic Economics: Theory and Practice (Sp, Su, Fa) (Majors are advised to take ECON 2143, because it satisfies the prerequisite for entry into upper-level ECON courses. Students who opt for ECON 2013 or ECON 2023 must complete both ECON 2013 and ECON 2023 to satisfy the prerequisite for entry into upper-level ECON courses.)
or ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (ACTS Equivalency = ECON 2103) (Sp, Su, Fa)
or ECON 2023 Principles of Microeconomics (ACTS Equivalency = ECON 2203) (Sp, Su, Fa)
Upper-level World Language Course1,2  3
Area Studies Elective, 3000+ level1,2  3
University/State Core Science Lecture with Corequisite Lab requirement  4
General Elective  3
Year Total: 16 16
Third YearUnits
Upper-level World Language Course1,23  
Global Studies Electives, 3000-4000 Level1,26  
Area Studies Elective, 3000-4000 Level Electives1,23  
General Electives3  
Global Studies Elective, 3000+ level1,2  6
Area Studies Elective, 3000+ level (as needed)1,2  3
General Electives  6
Year Total: 15 15
Fourth YearUnits
INST 4003 International Studies Seminar (Fa) (completes Senior Writing Requirement)1,2 3  
Global Studies Elective, 3000+ (as needed)1,23  
Upper-Level Electives (as needed)1,29  
Upper Level Electives, 3000+ (as needed)1,2  12
Year Total: 15 12
Total Units in Sequence:  120

Meets 40-hour advanced credit hour requirement. See College Academic Regulations.


Meets 24-hour rule (24 hours of 3000-4000 level courses in Fulbright College), in addition to meeting the 40-hour rule. See College Academic Regulations.