French B.A.

Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the eight-semester degree plan should see the Eight-Semester Degree Policy for university requirements of the program. The following eight-semester plan refers to both University Core and additional departmental requirements as presented above. Hours may vary by individual, based on placement and previous credit granted. Once all core and departmental requirements are met, students may substitute a three-hour (or more) general elective in place of a core area.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013)3  
Select one of the following: 3-4  
MATH 1203 College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103) (if required)
MATH 2033 Mathematical Thought
MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2203)
MATH 2053 Finite Mathematics
MATH 2183 Mathematical Reasoning in a Quantitative World
MATH 2554 Calculus I (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2405)
FREN 1013 Elementary French II (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 1023) (depending on placement in sequence)
or FREN 2003 Intermediate French I (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2013)
U.S. History University/State Core Requirement3  
non-HIST Social Science university/state core requirement3  
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023)  3
FREN 2003 Intermediate French I (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2013) (depending on placement in sequence)
or FREN 2013 Intermediate French II (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2023)
An additional world language or WLLC 2413, WLLC 3173 or WLLC 4023 or an area studies course approved by adviser  3
PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1103)
or WLIT 1113 World Literature I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2113)
Science University/State Core Lecture with Corequisite Lab Requirement  4
Year Total: 15 16
Second YearUnits
FREN 2013 Intermediate French II (ACTS Equivalency = FREN 2023) (depending on placement in sequence)
or FREN 3003 Advanced French
HIST 1113 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1113)3  
Science University/State Core Lecture with Corequisite Lab Requirement4  
General Elective6  
FREN 3003 Advanced French (if needed, or FREN 3113 (as needed) or 3000-level Advanced level elective)1,2  3
Advanced Level Elective1  3
HIST 1123 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations II (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1123)  3
General Electives  6
Year Total: 16 15
Third YearUnits
FREN 4003 French Grammar and Composition (or 3000+l FREN class)1,23  
4000+ FREN Literature Course (if Prereq FREN 3113 is met) or 3000+ FREN Elective1,23  
Fine Arts University/State Core Requirement3  
Select one of the following:3  
Additional World Language Course
WLLC 2413 Migrant Experiences in Multicultural Europe
WLLC 3173 Introduction to Linguistics
WLLC 4023 Languages, Cultures, and Teaching with Technology
Area Studies Course as approved by adviser
Advanced Level Elective13  
FREN 3113 Introduction to Literature (as needed, or 4000+ FREN literature course (if prereq FREN 3113 is met, or FREN 3000+ elective)1,2  3
FREN 4033 French for Oral Proficiency1,2
or FREN 4213 French Civilization
Advanced Level Elective  3
General Elective  3
Advanced or General Elective (as needed)  3
Year Total: 15 15
Fourth YearUnits
4000+ FREN literature course (as needed) or 3000+ FREN elective 1,23  
3000+ FREN elective (Recommended) or 3000+ Advanced Level Elective1,23  
3000-plus Level Elective13  
General Electives 6  
FREN 4213 French Civilization (as needed)1,2
or FREN 4033 French for Oral Proficiency
4000+ FREN literature course or FREN 3000+ elective (as needed)1,2  3
3000-plus Level Elective (Recommended) or General Elective1  3
Advanced Level Electives (as needed to meet 40-hr rule)1  3
General Electives (as needed to total 120 degree credits)   1
Year Total: 15 13
Total Units in Sequence:  120