Apparel Merchandise and Product Development B.S.H.E.S.

Ten-Semester Degree Program

Because the Apparel Merchandise and Product Development program requires a summer tour and an internship, it doesn't qualify for the Eight-Semester Degree Program. Go to the Eight-Semester Degree Policy for university requirements of the program. The program plan below, though, gives a path for completing required courses in a four-year period.

First YearUnits
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013)3    
MATH 1203 College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103) (or any higher MATH or STAT course)3    
AMPD 1013 Introduction to Clothing Concepts3    
Fine Art Core Elective3    
AMPD 1023 Introduction to Apparel Production3    
UNIV 1001 University Perspectives1    
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023)  3  
AMPD or General Elective  3  
ASTM 2903 Agricultural and Human Environmental Sciences Applications of Microcomputers1
or ISYS 1123 Business Application Knowledge - Computer Competency
AMPD 2053 Introduction to Textile Science  3  
Any MATH above MATH 1203 or STAT  3  
Year Total: 16 15  
Second YearUnits
Science Core Elective4    
AMPD 2013 Fashion, Buying and Promotion in a Global Market3    
PSYC 2003 General Psychology (ACTS Equivalency = PSYC 1103)3    
AMPD or General Elective3    
U.S. History Core Elective3    
AMPD 2063 Quality Assessment of Apparel  3  
AMPD 2033 Computer Based Methods for Apparel  3  
COMM 1313 Public Speaking (ACTS Equivalency = SPCH 1003)  3  
AMPD 3071 Apparel Merchandising and Product Development Pre-Internship  1  
AMPD 4901 AMPD Pre-Study Tour  1  
ECON 2143 Basic Economics: Theory and Practice  3  
AMPD 3033 Merchandising Math for the Apparel Industry  3  
AMPD 491V AMPD Study Tour    2-6
Year Total: 16 17 3
Third YearUnits
SOCI 2013 General Sociology (ACTS Equivalency = SOCI 1013)
or ANTH 1023 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ACTS Equivalency = ANTH 2013)
AMPD 3043 Fashion Brand Management3    
Science Core Elective4    
AMPD or General Elective3    
World Culture Requirement - select from the following:3    
HDFS 2493 Introduction to Cultural Competence
HIST 3533 World War II
HIST 3553 Russia Since 1861
HIST 3593 The 1960s: A World Transformed
HIST 4193 Great Britain,1901-2001
LALS 2013 Latin American Studies
LALS 4003 Latin American Studies Colloquium
MEST 2003 Introduction to Islam
MEST 2013 Introduction to Middle East Studies
World Language 1013 or higher
Humanities Core Elective   3  
AMPD 3003 Apparel Production  3  
COMM, ENGL, JOUR or World Language  3  
AMPD or General Electives2  3  
AMPD 4083 Apparel Merchandising and Product Development Internship    3
Year Total: 16 12 3
Fourth YearUnits
AMPD 4063 Advanced Apparel Production3    
AMPD or General Electives0-1    
AMPD 4053 Historic and Contemporary Apparel3    
AMPD 4023 Merchandising Application for the Apparel Industry3    
ACOM 4243 Graphic Design in AFLS  3  
AMPD 4093 Apparel Merchandise Planning and Inventory Control  3  
AMPD 4033L Computer Aided Textile Design  3  
AMPD or General Electives2  1-4  
Year Total: 10 12  
Total Units in Sequence:   120